Pharmacy Student (Non-UBC)

Pharmacy Student (Non-UBC)

If you are a pharmacy student currently enrolled in a Baccalaureate or Pharm D (entry level) Pharmacy Program outside BC and wish to complete a period of structured practical training, or to provide pharmacy services while under the supervision of a full pharmacist in this province, you can register as a Student Pharmacist under the non-UBC category.

Note: Registration in this category only permits you to complete your structured practicing training or to provide pharmacy services under the supervision of full pharmacist in the province.  Registration in this category is only valid for 1 year and is not eligible for renewal (i.e. need to “reapply”); it does not serve as pre-registration before applying for Full Pharmacist registration.  If you wish to become a registered pharmacist in B.C., and you are graduating from a Canadian or U.S. university, you must also pre-register as a “New Pharmacy Graduate from Canada” or “New Pharmacy Graduate from United States”.  Please visit the appropriate webpage for more information.

Here are the steps to register with the College:

  1. Register with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia 

    Please allow at least 30 business days for processing. 
    Checklist for Student Pharmacist (Non UBC) Registration 
    Application for Student Pharmacist (Non UBC) Registration 
    Note: the application processing time is due to the completion of the criminal record check (CRC) process. If adjudication or fingerprinting is required for the CRC, then the processing time will be further extended.

    A notarized affidavit is required if your name is not the same on all identification submitted or you cannot provide the supporting documents for the name differences. See Related Resources below for a sample.

    You are not permitted to start your practicum until your application has completed processing and you have received a confirmation email from the College.

Congratulations! You are now a registered student pharmacist. The College will issue you a student registration card. Your student registration will be valid for a period of 1 year. You can access your registration card through eServices. If you require an additional year, you will be required to re-apply as in step 1.