Registration Committee Review Process Overview

Registration Committee Review Process Overview

The Registration Committee (RC) is a statutory committee established under the Health Professions Act (HPA) for the purpose of ensuring that registrants meet the conditions or requirements for registration with the College of Pharmacists of BC.  The RC’s authority to grant registration are set out in section 20 of the HPA and sections 41 to 54 of the HPA Bylaws.  The RC also develops Registration Committee Policies (RCP) which are supplementary to the HPA Bylaws.

If an applicant is applying for registration as a Limited Pharmacist, or if an application does not meet the requirements for registration as outlined in the HPA Bylaws and RCP, the application is referred to the  RC for review.  Applications for Limited Pharmacist registration must be reviewed by the RC as required under the  HPA bylaws before registration can be granted.

The RC also reviews other matters related to registration; for example, requests for Jurisprudence Exam (JE) accommodation in accordance with RCP-4.  A written request using the JE Accommodation Request Form, including the required documentation listed in the policy, must be submitted within the timelines stated, to provide sufficient time for the RC to review and make a decision, and for the College to make the necessary arrangements.

The RC meetings are scheduled once a month to review applications that are referred to the RC and requests from applicants. 

An official notification will be sent by email to the applicant within 5 business days upon receipt of a Full Pharmacist Registration application, Pharmacy Technician Registration application, or Limited Pharmacist Registration application that needs to be reviewed by RC (e.g. a written request from an applicant is received).  The notification will specify the meeting date and whether any additional information is required by the stated deadline.  The applicant is asked to also submit any other information they would like the RC to consider during their review.  Once the RC has convened and reviewed a case file, a decision letter will be sent to the applicant by email within 30 days of the RC meeting date.

Contact the Registration Department at: [email protected] for any inquiries related to the Registration Committee process.