Pharmacy Licence Reinstatement

Pharmacy Licence Reinstatement

When the direct owner of a pharmacy does not renew the pharmacy licence by the licence expiry date, the pharmacy is no longer licensed and must cease operations and close. If the direct owner wishes to reopen the pharmacy, the direct owner can reinstate the pharmacy licence by submitting a Pharmacy Licence Reinstatement application which follows the standard renewal process.

The direct owner must submit and complete all requirements, including Proof of Eligibility from all applicable individuals, within 90 days of the licence expiry date in order to reinstate the pharmacy licence. A New Pharmacy Licence application is not required if both the ownership information and pharmacy information is the same as before the pharmacy licence expired. However, if the pharmacy has a new direct owner, reinstatement of the pharmacy licence does not apply. The new owner must apply as a new pharmacy and complete the New Pharmacy Licence application before the pharmacy can open.

If the Pharmacy Licence Reinstatement application is not completed within the 90 day period, the direct owner will have to submit a New Pharmacy Licence application in order to re-open the pharmacy.

Note the full licence fee and a reinstatement fee apply for pharmacy licence reinstatement.

For further information on the reinstatement (renewal) requirements, please refer to the Pharmacy Licensure Guide.