Pharmacy Licence Reinstatement

Pharmacy Licence Reinstatement

If a pharmacy licence is not renewed by the licence expiry date, the pharmacy is no longer licensed and the pharmacy will be required to cease operations and close. It is a contravention of the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act to operate an unlicensed pharmacy.

If you wish to re-open, you will have up to 90 days after the licence expiry date to complete the reinstatement process on eServices. This means that all requirements must be submitted and completed, and Proof of Eligibility must be received from all applicable individuals within 90 days after the licence has expired.

The reinstatement process allows you to follow the standard renewal process to obtain your pharmacy licence once all requirements are met. You do not have to submit a new pharmacy licence application. Refer to the Pharmacy Licence Renewal page for requirements.

Note the full licence fee applies for reinstatement.

To be eligible to reinstate your pharmacy, ownership information or pharmacy information must not have changed. If the pharmacy has a new direct owner during the 90 day reinstatement period, it is not eligible for reinstatement. They must apply as a new pharmacy and complete all requirements before it can open.