Change of Location

Change of Location ("Relocation")

Pursuant to section 6(1)(b) of the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act (PODSA), a pharmacy licence is cancelled when the location of the pharmacy changes. Thus, a change of location essentially requires a new pharmacy licence application and is similar to opening a new pharmacy. The process and processing time for a change of location application follows the same process as applying for a new pharmacy licence (except ownership information is not required unless it has changed):

  1. Apply for a Change of Location
    An authorized representative of the direct owner of the pharmacy must submit the following no later than 30 days before the proposed opening date of the new location:


    *if available at the time when the change application is submitted. Otherwise, it must be submitted before the effective date of change. 

    Allow up to 7 days for processing.

    Upon College approval of phase 1 of the change of location process, an email notification will be sent to the authorized representative named in the application.

    The College will also notify Health Insurance BC (HIBC) of the Ministry of Health of the change, who will then initiate their processes for PharmaNet installation.

  2. Build the Pharmacy in the New Location

    Build the new pharmacy as indicated in the diagram approved by the College.

    It is the responsibility of the pharmacy owner to understand what the physical requirements are before building the pharmacy. Refer to Appendix B for further information.

    Notify the Licensure Department of any changes to the original diagram submitted or the proposed opening date in your change of location application to avoid delays in the next phase of the process.

    Note: the new location cannot be open to the public until a pharmacy licence has been issued to the new location. Otherwise, the new location will be operating unlawfully without a pharmacy licence

  3. Pre-Opening Process

    The authorized representative must email the Licensure Department to confirm the proposed opening date noted in the email notification in Step 2 and advise if there are any changes to the timeline.

    The authorized representative/manager must complete and submit the following documents to the College no later than 14 days prior to the proposed opening date (submissions 30 days prior to the proposed opening date are recommended to allow for sufficient time to review and address any non-compliant items):

    To avoid delays in processing your pre-opening documents, the digital evidence must provide sufficient context for College staff to determine if the requirements are met. Digital evidence must be consistent with the pharmacy diagram previous submitted and approved; it must also be recently produced at the new pharmacy site. Digital evidence previously submitted for the same location or any other location is not acceptable. If equipment from the current location cannot be moved to the new pharmacy site until the date of relocation (i.e. safe, computer terminals, etc.), submit photos of the equipment at the current location and photos of where the equipment will be placed in the new location. If there are photos that cannot be taken at the current location or the new location, explain the reasons in the inspection report.

    Refer to the “Pre-Opening Inspection Report and Digital Evidence” section and Appendix B (Community or Telepharmacy) or Appendix C (Hospital or Hospital Satellite), before completing these requirements. The Appendices provide a list of recommended digital content and should be used as a reference when taking photos and compiling digital evidence.

    Allow up to 14 days for processing.

    If an on-site pre-opening inspection by a College Inspector is required, you will be notified after the above documents have been processed. The inspection will be scheduled within 30 days before the opening date.

  4. Prepare for Pharmacy Closure (Previous Location) and Complete the Change of Location Application

    The manager must complete the following prior to the closure of the previous location in accordance with section 18(2)(ee) of the PODSA Bylaws:

    • Provide for the safe and secure transfer and appropriate storage of all Schedule I, II, and III drugs and controlled drug substances to the new location,
    • Advise the registrar in writing of the disposition of all drugs and prescription records at the time of a closure (or confirmation* that all drugs, medical devices and prescriptions records have been transferred from the previous location to the new location),
    • Provide the registrar with a copy of the return invoice and any other documentation sent to Health Canada in respect of the destruction of all controlled drug substances at the previous location prior to the move (or confirmation* that narcotic counts and reconciliations and other process in PPP-65 have been completed),
    • Arrange for the secure transfer and continuing availability of the prescription records at the new location, or to a storage facility that is monitored and secured from unauthorized access, and
    • Remove all signs and advertisements from the previous location when closed*.


    *The manager is responsible for completing Part B of the PODSA Form 8F: Application for Change of Location to confirm that all the above duties have been completed at the previous location, and submit the completed form to the Licensure Department within 2 weeks of closure of the previous location, including digital evidence to confirm compliance that all signs and advertisements from the previous location have been removed.

The authorized representative named in the application will receive a confirmation letter via email upon completion of the change application. HIBC will also be notified.

A new pharmacy licence with the new address will be issued to the direct owner upon completion of the Change of Location application. The new pharmacy licence can be found in the pharmacy portal on eServices on the next business day after the effective date. Should any requirements be missing on this date, the effective date stated on the pharmacy licence will then reflect the date of the College’s approval.

Note that this change process and its requirements are specific to change of location only. Any other changes accompanying this change (e.g. change in manager/operating name), requires a separate application for that particular change. See the Multiple Changes section in the Pharmacy Licensure Guide for more information.

Refer to the Pharmacy Licensure Guide for more information.