Change of Corporation Name

Change of Corporation Name

Whether the corporation is a direct or indirect owner, the College needs to update the corporation record when a name change occurs so that the ownership information of a pharmacy matches with the ownership documents provided at the time of the next pharmacy licence renewal.

  1. Apply for a Change of Corporation Name

    An authorized representative of the direct owner must submit the following no later than 7 days before the effective date of change:

    • PODSA Form 8D: Application for Change of Corporation Name;
    • A copy of the Notice of Alteration, or an updated Notice of Articles reflecting the new name of the corporation if the corporation is a BC incorporated, non-publicly traded corporation; and
    • A copy of the pharmacy’s business licence issued to the direct owner under the new corporation name (if the name change applies to the direct owner).


    Allow up to 7 days for processing.

The authorized representative named in the application will receive a confirmation via email upon completion of the change application.   The College will also notify Health Insurance BC (HIBC) of the Ministry of Health of this change (if the name change applies to the direct owner).

If the name change applies to the direct owner, the pharmacy licence will be amended upon completion of the Change of Corporation Name application. The amended pharmacy licence can be found on the pharmacy portal on eServices on the next business day after the effective date. Should any requirements be missing on this date, the effective date stated on the pharmacy licence will then reflect the date of the College’s approval.

No changes will be made to the pharmacy licence if the name change applies to the “parent company” or a shareholder that is a corporation or other type of legal entity.

Refer to the Pharmacy Licensure Guide for more information.