Who We Are

Founded in 1891, the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia is a vital link in the chain of trust between patients, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Our job is to protect public health by licensing and regulating pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and the pharmacies where they practice. We are responsible for making sure every pharmacist and pharmacy technician in BC is fully qualified and able to provide the public with safe and ethical pharmacy care.

The College receives its authority from - and is responsible for administering - provincial pharmacy legislation.

Health Professions Act, Section 16, Duty and objects of a college:

16  (1) It is the duty of a college at all times

(a) to serve and protect the public, and

(b) to exercise its powers and discharge its responsibilities under all enactments in the public interest.


Better health through excellence in pharmacy.

Our Mission:

The College regulates the pharmacy profession in the public interest. We set and enforce standards and promote best practices for the delivery of pharmacy care in British Columbia.

OUR Values:

We are Professional and Ethical
We achieve this by:

  • promoting and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct;
  • taking responsibility for our actions and their results;
  • engaging meaningfully with all stakeholders; and
  • acting with honesty and integrity.

We Deliver Quality Service
We achieve this by:

  • being consistent in our processes and messaging;
  • executing proper research and due diligence;
  • providing accurate and useful information;
  • having transparent processes; and
  • being timely and responsive.

We Build Quality Relationships
We achieve this by:

  • listening to others;
  • maintaining confidentiality;
  • acknowledging the perspective of others;
  • recognizing & respecting the capabilities of others; and
  • being non-judgemental, open, and honest with others.

We Promote a Culture of Excellence
We achieve this by:

  • being solution oriented;
  • being adaptable and innovate;
  • collaborating to identify best practices;
  • fostering the development of the organization and the individual.

We welcome your feedback and comments at: info@bcpharmacists.org

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