Registration Renewal for Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Student Pharmacists

Registration renewal for Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Student Pharmacists

Registrants are responsible for renewing their registration online through eServices annually prior to their registration expiry date, if they wish to maintain their current registration. The expiry date can be found on their registration card located under the My Profile tab in eServices.  Registrants will be notified by email when access to the registrant’s renewal application is available (approximately 6 weeks prior to the registration expiry date).  It is important that  your email address with the College is correct and up-to-date.

If you do not renew your registration by the registration expiry date, you will no longer be registered with the College and will become a “former” registrant.  This means that you will not be a registered pharmacist or pharmacy technician in B.C., you will not be allowed to practice pharmacy in B.C. and your access to PharmaNet will be terminated.  If you are also a manager of a pharmacy, your pharmacy licence will be cancelled.  If you wish to become a registrant again, you will have to complete the reinstatement process applicable to your registration class (pharmacist or pharmacy technician) and pay the applicable fees.

Note that the “former” category is not the same as “non-practising” status.  See this page for more information about the difference between these two classes.

Application Process

Here are the steps for completing your Full Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician and Student Pharmacist registration renewal application

Note that steps with an asterisk *are not applicable to non-practising registrants and UBC pharmacy students (renewing as student pharmacists):

  1. CE Requirements*

    In order to submit your registration renewal application, first complete the Continuing Education (CE) requirements of the Professional Development and Assessment Program (PDAP).  To submit your CE on the PDAP portal, log into your eServices account, select “PDAP” in the top menu and follow the prompts. 

    You will not be able to complete your registration renewal application unless you have completed all the CE requirements.  More information regarding the CE requirements can be found on this page.

    If you are on or expect to be on medical, maternity, parental or compassionate care leave, contact the Professional Development Department at [email protected] as you may be eligible for an exemption.

  2. Completing Your Registration Renewal Application Online
    1. Log into eServices. Select My Profile then click Renew Registration.
    2. Select your Registration Option from the dropdown menu. Click on the hyperlink to learn more.

      If you are choosing to convert your registration to the Former on Non-Practicing category, please review the Registration Options page above prior to your selection to avoid making an error.

      Converting to Former:

      • Select Former from the drop down menu in eServices and click "finish."

      Converting to Non-Practicing (This is a two-step process and takes five business days to process. Therefore, you must allow sufficient processing time of this conversion request, otherwise you may be subject to the late fee):

      • Step 1 - Select Non-Practicing from the drop down menu in eServices. Allow five business days for the College to make changes to your renewal form and send email notification once the changes have been made.
      • Step 2 - Log back into eServices to submit your remaining requirements and pay the Non-Practicing registration fee.
    3. Review and update your information under the Registration Information, Education, Employment and Contact Information tabs.
    4. Provide consent for the Criminal Record Check (CRC). The CRC is conducted at least once every 5 years only, however you are required to provide your consent every year. If you are due for a new CRC, a CRC fee will be added to your total registration fee. More information about the CRC can be found here:
    5. Complete the Statutory Declaration.
    6. *Complete the Professional Liability Insurance Declaration. You must have professional liability insurance that meets all these criteria:
    7. *Complete the Drug Administration Certification Renewal Declaration (if applicable).
      Pharmacists that are certified for drug administration, must renew their certification at the time of their registration renewal by declaring that in the preceding three years they have:
      • Administered a drug via injection route or successfully completed a continuing education program in drug administration as specified in HPA Bylaws Schedule C and
      • Administered a drug via intranasal route or successfully completed the Intranasal Administration Online Module as specified in HPA Bylaws Schedule C and
      • Maintained valid First Aid and CPR certification throughout their drug administration certification as specified in HPA Bylaws Schedule C.

        If you do not maintain your First Aid/CPR certification and it expires, your drug administration certification will no longer be valid and you must cease from administering drugs via injection and intranasal route immediately.

        Note that if you do not satisfy the requirements to make the above declaration, your drug administration certification will no longer be valid. To become certified again, you may be required to re-complete a CCCEP-accredited drug administration training course and/or First Aid & CPR certification course. If you wish to acquire your drug administration certification again, email the Registration Department ([email protected]) immediately for the re-certification requirements.

        See this Readlinks article for information regarding CPR and First Aid certification during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    8. Complete the Community Pharmacy Manager Education section as per PPP-69 if applicable (pharmacists only)
    9. Complete Payment.
      To view the current registration fees, see Schedule D. Payment can be made by Visa or Mastercard, bank draft or money order.  Note: Visa or Mastercard debit cards and personal cheques are not accepted. If you choose the “pay by employer” option, payment from your employer must be received before your registration expiry date to avoid being charged a late fee.

Once payment is made, your renewal is complete. Please wait until the next business day for your eServices account to update and an email confirmation will be sent once your receipt is available. The registration card will be made available at the start of your new registration year.