Pharmacy Licence Renewals

Pharmacy Licence Renewals

All pharmacy licences must be renewed on an annual basis.  The licence expiry date can be found on the pharmacy licence.  A pharmacy must renew their pharmacy before the licence expiry date otherwise they are in contravention of the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act which will result in immediate closure of the pharmacy.

Transition period: An email notification will be sent to all of the authorized representatives of the pharmacy approximately 75 days (i.e. 2 ½ months) before the pharmacy licence expires.  The first pharmacies to complete a pharmacy licence renewal under the new requirements will be those whose licence expires on June 30, 2018.

All requirements must be submitted online no later than 30 days before the pharmacy licence expires.

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Prior to submitting your first pharmacy licence renewal application during the transition period, it is important to understand your ownership structure in order to collect and submit the required documents and avoid a delay in processing your application. Read this Readlinks article to understand the different types of ownership structure and the commonly used terms in pharmacy licensure (e.g. “direct owner”, “indirect owner”, “parent company”). Then refer to the “Ownership Information” section in the Pharmacy Licensure Guide for the documents that you must provide with your application.

Renewals are completed online through eServices by following the steps below:

  1. Apply for Pharmacy Licence Renewal
    An authorized representative of the direct owner must submit the following as soon as possible upon receipt of the renewal notice. The second part of the process is dependent upon this critical step during the transition period:

    If the direct owner is a corporation, use this checklist to help you submit the required documents.

    Note 1: BC Company Summary must be based from the most recent company’s annual report filed to the BC Registry Services. Click here to view a sample.

    Note 2: The Central Securities Register (a.k.a. Shareholder Register) must be certified by a lawyer or notary public.

    To learn how to submit these requirements on eServices, refer to the eServices Tutorial for Pharmacy Licensure section in the Pharmacy Licensure Guide.

    Allow up to 14 days for processing.

    eServices Tutorials

  2. Submit Proof of Eligibility (Attestation and Criminal Record History)

    The manager and all existing validated direct/indirect owners (individuals) in the College’s records will receive instructions via email (at the same time the renewal notice is sent) to submit their Proof of Eligibility through their eServices account under the My Profile tab.

    Please do not complete a Criminal Record History before receiving the email from the College.

    *TRANSITION PERIOD (Corporations Only):

    Upon validation of the ownership information submitted by the direct owner in Step 1, each officer and shareholder will receive instructions via email to complete their Proof of Eligibility through their eServices account under the My Profile tab. For any indirect owners not previously known to the College, they will also receive a separate email with their eServices login information.

    Proof of Eligibility from all applicable individuals must be submitted no later than 30 days before the licence expiry date.

    It will take up to 7 days to process a Criminal Record History result.

All authorized representatives of a pharmacy will receive a confirmation letter via email upon completion of the pharmacy licence renewal application.

A new pharmacy licence will be issued to the direct owner upon completion of the Pharmacy Licence Renewal application. The new pharmacy licence can be found on the pharmacy portal on eServices once all requirements have been met, even if it occurs before the effective date.