Application Committee Review Process Overview


The Application Committee (AC) is a legislative committee established under the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act (PODSA) and the Health Professions Act (HPA) to review pharmacy licence applications that have been referred by the Registrar who is not satisfied of the following:

  • the application is complete and has no false or misleading information; or
  • the direct owner is eligible, under section 3 of the PODSA, to hold a pharmacy licence.

When an application has been referred to the AC, the authorized representative (AR) of the pharmacy (and if applicable, the person who does not meet the eligibility criteria,) will be notified of the referral, the reason(s) for referral, and the date of the AC meeting (if confirmed). They may submit, within a reasonable deadline before the meeting, any additional information that they wish the AC to consider.  The AC meetings are scheduled at least once a month.

The Licensure Department will prepare all the information relevant to the application for the AC to consider, such as the requirements received for the pharmacy application; information about the pharmacy, the direct owner, the indirect owner(s) if applicable, and the manager, including their attestation, the Criminal Record History result within the previous 5 years, and the PODSA Form 6: Manager/Direct Owner/Indirect Owner – Notice of Ineligibility completed by the individual who cannot attest to all statements in the attestation; as well as any College documents regarding the information provided in PODSA Form 6.

Upon reviewing all available information, the AC is authorized under section 4 of PODSA to make one of the following determinations:

  • Issue, renew or reinstate the pharmacy licence;
  • Issue, renew or reinstate the pharmacy licence with conditions; or
  • Refuse to issue, renew, or reinstate the pharmacy licence.

The AR (and the person who does not meet the eligibility criteria) will generally be notified of the decision from the AC within 30 days after the meeting date or before the pharmacy licence expiry date, whichever date is sooner, unless additional time is required.

Contact the Licensure Department at: [email protected] for any inquiries related to the Application Committee process.