Unanticipated Temporary Closure

Unanticipated Temporary Closure up to 90 Days

This type of closure allows a pharmacy to close temporarily for up to 90 consecutive days due to unforeseen circumstances that make the premises temporarily inaccessible to the public (e.g. fire or flood). Staffing issues do not qualify for this type of closure.

If your pharmacy is completely destroyed by a natural disaster, you are required to complete the permanent pharmacy closure process. You may apply for a new pharmacy licence after the pharmacy has been rebuilt at the same location or a different location.

The manager is required to complete all of the following pursuant to section 18(2)(dd) of the PODSA Bylaws:

  1. Submit Part A of the Unanticipated Temporary Closure Application

    The manager must notify the registrar of closures between 15 and 90 days as soon as possible by submitting:

    Allow up to 7 days for processing.

    The pharmacy will be removed from the online register when Part A of the application is complete. Additionally, the status of your PharmaNet connection will be changed so that dispensing prescriptions will not be permitted.

    If you are unsure whether your pharmacy will be closed for 15 days or more, you may wait until closer to the 15th day before submitting the application.

  2. Notify Patients and the Public

    The manager must complete the following:

    • As soon as possible, post signage at the store entrance and provide a telephone answering machine message advising the public about the closure including information on duration of closure, the location of the nearest pharmacy, and other information to assist with obtaining necessary pharmacy services during the closure period;
    • Where possible, contact all patients whose prescriptions are ready for pick-up to advise of the closure and provide them with the opportunity to obtain their prepared prescriptions;
    • Where possible, notify patients, the public, and local prescribers of the closure and alternate means of obtaining essential pharmacy services during the closure; and
    • Return any prepared prescriptions in the pharmacy to inventory and reverse those prescriptions in PharmaNet.
  3. Submit Part B of the Unanticipated Temporary Closure Application

    The manager must notify the registrar of the reopening of the pharmacy by submitting Part B of the application at least 5 days before the anticipated reopening date:

    Allow up to 5 days for processing.

    The pharmacy will be listed as an active pharmacy in the online register when Part B of the application is complete. An email notification will be sent to the authorized representative and manager to confirm the application is complete.


    If the layout of the pharmacy has been or will be changed to a different layout as a result of the temporary closure, you must submit a Change of Layout application.

    If the closure exceeds 90 days, you will have to complete a Permanent Pharmacy Closure Application. In order to reopen your closed pharmacy in the future, you must submit a New Pharmacy Application.  Reinstatement does not apply in this situation.

    Note: The College does not need to be notified unless the closure exceeds 14 consecutive days.