Jurisprudence Examination

Jurisprudence Examination Information

The College has partnered with Prometric to administer the JE as a computer-based examination. The JE may be taken on-site at a Prometric Test Center or as a remotely proctored online examination at a location that meets the requirements.

Seats are limited for each sitting and are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. In order to write the JE, candidates must complete registration on eServices and schedule their examination appointment with Prometric.

It is important that you read and understand the following documents in addition to the information on this webpage before registering for the examination:

1. JE Information Guide contains in-depth information regarding the examination content, technical requirements for remote proctoring and information on candidate conduct. You can also find helpful FAQs and a list of test centre locations in Appendix D and E.

2. All candidates must read and adhere to Registration Committee Policy-3 “Jurisprudence Examination”

Note: If you have previously opened these documents, you may need to refresh them to see the changes.

The JE is based on legislation contained in federal and provincial acts, their regulations, bylaws and published College Professional Practice Policies that pertain to pharmacy operations and registrant (pharmacist or pharmacy technician) responsibilities in the practice of pharmacy.  Successful completion of the JE is required to register as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician in British Columbia. 

The JE is held three times a year in February, June, and October. Registration opens approximately two months prior to the date of the examination and closes one month prior.  Examination information will be updated below as soon as the examination date is confirmed.

Exam Date Registration Open Registration Deadline Results Released*
November 23, 2020 September 4, 2020 October 23, 2020 December 17, 2020
February 16, 2021
February 17, 2021
January 4, 2021
10 AM (PST)
February 4, 2021
4:30 PM (PST)
March 16, 2021
June 14, 2021 April 14, 2021 May 14, 2021 July 13, 2021
October 18, 2021
October 19, 2021
August 16, 2021
9 AM (PST)
September 18, 2021
11:59 PM (PST)

*results released via email, please contact jeadmin@bcpharmacists.org if you have not received your results for your exam.

Examination Accommodations

Candidates requiring examination accommodations, should refer to the Registration Committee Policy-4 “Examination Accommodation Policy” and the JE Information Guide for more information.

A written request for the accommodation using the JE Accommodation Request Form must be made at least 8 weeks prior to the examination date for consideration by the Registration Committee.  

Jurisprudence Examination Process Overview

The JE process is summarized below. However, for detailed information, please refer to the JE Information Guide.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to register for the JE, you must be:

  1. pre-registered* with the College; or
  2. registered as a student pharmacist with the College and in the final year of the pharmacy program at UBC.

*Note: You must submit your pre-registration application at least one month prior to the JE registration deadline to allow sufficient time to process your application.

Examination Process
  1. Register for the Examination on eServices
    1. Log into your eServices account
    2. Go to the “Events & Services” tab
    3. Click “Register for Events”
    4. Select the appropriate JE sitting
    5. Follow the instructions and submit payment.

    Upon registration you will receive an automated order confirmation. The College will review your registration to ensure you are eligible to write the examination within 5 days from registering on eServices.

    Once your eligibility has been confirmed you will receive a Jurisprudence Examination Registration Confirmation email which will contain instructions on how to schedule your examination appointment with Prometric (step 2 below). If you do not receive your JE Registration Confirmation within 5 days of registering, contact the Registration Department at: jeadmin@bcpharmacists.org

    Note: The fee for the examination is non-refundable and non-transferable to a different location or a future examination sitting.

  2. Schedule the Examination with Prometric (time, location & delivery method)

    You will have the option to schedule to write the examination on-site at a Prometric Test Center, or as a remotely proctored examination at a location of your choice (e.g. home) that meets the requirements. For detailed information on these scheduling options, refer to the JE Information Guide.

    Seats for both on-site test centre examinations and remotely proctored examinations are limited and reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Candidates should schedule their examination appointment (time & location) as soon as possible after receiving their JE Registration Confirmation email to secure a seat for their preferred testing delivery method and time.

    Note: If you have not received your JE Registration Confirmation email confirming your eligibility to write the examination, you will not be able to schedule your examination. 

    1. Read the JE information guide and determine if you will write the examination in-person at a Prometric Test Center or remotely proctored*.
    2. Use the link provided to you in your JE Registration Confirmation or click here to be redirected to the Prometric website.
    3. Follow the instructions in the email and schedule your examination.

      Once you have scheduled your examination appointment with Prometric, you will receive an email confirmation with your examination appointment details.

      *Note: it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure they meet both the technology and test environment requirements prior to scheduling their examination remotely proctored online.

    Reschedule/Cancelation Policy
    If you wish to change the time of your examination session or date (if multiple dates are available for the sitting), or the delivery method (in-person at a test centre to remotely proctored online examination or vice versa), you must do so  no later than 5 days prior to your scheduled examination date.

    Note: All JE fees are non-refundable or transferrable. 

    There is a $50 charge payable to Prometric to change or reschedule 5 – 29 days prior to your scheduled examination date. There is no charge for making changes to an examination 30 or more days prior to your scheduled date.

    Examination Delivery Methods
    The JE is a computer-based test administered by Prometric, and offered on-site in a test centre or online by remote proctoring. The content and testing platforms for the two delivery methods are consistent. Candidates who are considering taking the JE as a remotely proctored examination should run a System Readiness Check to determine if their computer system is compatible to install the ProProctor application.

    Prometric offers several test centres across Canada for candidates to take the JE on-site. Prometric has policies in place to ensure that social distancing and local government guidelines are followed at their test centres.

    The Test Centrer Policies regarding COVID-19 can be found here.

    To locate an available Prometric Test Center, click here.

    Candidates who choose the remotely proctored format of the examination are responsible for ensuring they meet the following technology and testing environment requirements:

    Technology requirements
    Remotely proctored examinations must be written on a laptop or PC; tablets and smart/cell phones are not supported.

    At a minimum, your computer must have the following system requirements:

    • Web Camera
    • Microphone: Enabled
    • Stable Internet Connection
    • Ability to Install the ProProcterTM App


    Refer to the JE Information Guide – Remotely Proctored Examination Technology Requirements for a full list of requirements.

    Note: The College strongly recommends that your internet speed exceeds 0.5 mbps download/upload speed and that the connection is stable and reliable. Unreliable or slow internet speed is the most common cause for disconnection, lag or launching issues.

    If you do not feel confident that your internet speed is adequate or stable enough, it is advised that you write the exam on site in a test centre.

    Test Environment Requirements
    The testing environment must be comfortable, quiet and free of distractions during the scheduled seat time (i.e., approximately 3.5 hours for a 3 hour examination).

    This may include but is not limited to having:

    • A walled room with a closed door
    • A cleared desk or tabletop
    • A comfortable chair
    • Adequate lighting
    • A comfortable room temperature
    • Limited noise from outside of the examination room (e.g., no construction, TV, conversation, music) that would interfere with their ability to take the examination or the ability of the proctor to monitor the examination

    For more information, review the ProProctor candidate information and the the JE Information Guide – Testing Environment Requirements for a full list of requirements.

    While the College has taken all reasonable measures to prevent technical issues from occurring, candidates should prepare themselves for any technical issues that may occur on examination day.

    Common issues include internet disconnection, candidate’s computer crashing, and construction noise near test locations (test centre or remotely proctored examination site). It is important to mentally prepare for these possibilities and understand how to handle them.

    Refer to the FAQ section in the JE Information Guide for more information.

  3. Study for the Examination

    The examination will include information found on the College’s JE Resources webpage.

    Refer to the JE information Guide for the specific sections of legislation covered on the examination. You can also find sample questions and other useful information in the guide. You are encouraged to use the College website as the primary and most current source of information about pharmacy legislation, standards of practice and policies.

    You may also review the 4 modules of the Code of Ethics: Educational Tutorial, which provides an overview of the College’s Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest Standards and Model for Ethical Decision Making.

    Note: Temporary amendments to Professional Practice Policies as a result of COVID-19 will not be tested on the JE.

  4. Write the Examination during your scheduled appointment time

    Your examination appointment details (i.e. location, date, time) can be found in the appointment confirmation email from Prometric.

    Examination Start Times
    Candidates should arrive at the test centre at least 30 minutes before the examination start time or be prepared to launch the remotely proctored examination 30 minutes before the scheduled exam to allow for check-in procedures.

    Refer to the specific sections in the JE information guide for details on check-in procedures at test centres and for remotely proctored examinations.

    Identification Check
    For both test centre examinations and remotely proctored examinations, you will be required to present one piece of valid photo identification (i.e. drivers licence, passport, permanent resident card) to the examination. The identification will be checked by examination personnel to verify your identification prior to the start of writing the JE.  For the complete ID policy, refer to the JE information guide.

    You will be supplied with the drug schedules. No other reference material is permitted. Candidates writing at test centres will be provided with paper for use. Candidates writing remotely proctored examinations will be provided with a virtual notepad.

    Unscheduled Breaks
    You will have 3 hours to complete the examination.  There are no scheduled breaks. Candidates may take unscheduled breaks to have a drink/snack or use the washroom; however, the examination timer does not stop during an unscheduled break and candidates will not receive additional time to take an unscheduled break. 

    Refer to the specific sections in the JE Information Guide for procedures regarding breaks at test centres and for remotely proctored examinations.

  5. Release of Results

    The examination results will be released within one month after the date of the examination and will be emailed to the email address used to register for the exam. 

    The results of the JE are valid for 3 years from the date of completion in accordance with Registration Committee Policy-10.

    Note: No results will be disclosed via telephone.