Code of Ethics: Educational Tutorial

Code of Ethics: Educational Tutorial

The online Code of Ethics Educational Tutorial is divided into 4 modules and should take approximately two hours, in total, to complete. The first module is a foundational introduction called Understanding Our Role and Commitment as Regulated Healthcare Professionals. The second, titled Overview of the Code of Ethics, is a comprehensive overview of the document itself with the third module focused exclusively on the Conflict of Interest Standards. The final module introduces the Model for Ethical Decision Making and uses a hypothetical video scenario to illustrate how to apply the decision making tool in practice.

In order to declare that you have completed and understood this information, you are required to print, sign and date a copy of the Declaration of Completion (with Pharmacy Oath), which is linked to the end of Module 4. This declaration is to be retained at your primary place of work and available for review upon request (note: you are not required to forward a copy to the College office).

All four modules are now available:

Note: This learning is applicable and may be used towards your annual Continuing Education requirements of the College's Professional Development and Assessment Program (PDAP).

Declaration of Completion (with Pharmacy Oath)