Strategic Plan

Updated 2022/23 -2027/28 Strategic Plan

The College is pleased to share our updated 2022/23 - 2027/28 Strategic Plan.

Updates to the 2022/23 - 2027/28 Strategic Plan were made to better align the College’s priorities with the ever-changing nature of British Columbia’s health landscape. These updates help to refine the College’s approach to health regulation in a way that improves accountability and transparency, and better enables us to support public safety and optimal health for British Columbians.

The updated Strategic Plan reflects the College’s ongoing commitment to improving Cultural Safety and Humility for Indigenous Peoples when accessing pharmacy services in BC. The College would like to acknowledge and thank Indigenous Health and Cultural Safety Advisor, Joe Gallagher (k’wunəmɛn), Tla’amin Nation, for guiding us in this important work.

We encourage all pharmacy professionals to familiarize themselves with our updated strategic plan. If you have any comments or feedback, please contact us at: [email protected].

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are asked to familiarize themselves with these strategic initiatives as they directly impact our profession and assist the College in meeting its mandate to provide safe and effective pharmacy care.

New Commitment Statement and Organizational Values

In conjunction with the updates made to our Strategic Plan, the College is also introducing its new Commitment Statement and Organizational Values.

The new Commitment Statement replaces the College’s previous Mission and Vision Statements.

Much like the Strategic Plan, the new Commitment Statement and Organizational Values reflect the College’s renewed focus on providing culturally safe, patient-centric, and equitable pharmacy care to all British Columbians.

The infographic below helps to illustrate our new strategic goals, the specific actions that will enable us to achieve them, and how they align with our new Commitment Statement and updated Organizational Values.

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