Limited Pharmacist Registration

Limited Pharmacist Registration

Limited pharmacist registration is a registration class which allows for individuals who are not yet eligible for full registration to provide pharmacy services under the supervision of a full pharmacist. They may only use the title “pharmacist (limited)” and must not use any abbreviations.

Review the eligibility criteria, application process and renewal information below. The application requirements and requirements for maintaining limited pharmacist registration can be found under section 44 of the HPA Bylaws.


If you have completed pre-registration or you are a UBC pharmacy graduate, you may be eligible for limited pharmacist registration if one of the following scenarios applies:

  1. You have satisfied the “Structured Practical Training (SPT)” requirement, but you have one or more assessments to complete for full registration, or
  2. You have not satisfied the “Structured Practical Training (SPT)” requirement, but you have satisfied all other required assessments for full registration.

Eligibility examples:

  1. If you are an International Pharmacy Graduate (IPG) who has completed your SPT through the Canadian Pharmacy Practice Program (CP3), you are eligible to apply for limited pharmacist registration. Alternatively, if you have not completed your SPT through CP3, but you have completed your PEBC Qualifying Exams (MCQ and OSCE), Jurisprudence Exam (JE), and English Language Proficiency (ELP) assessment, you are eligible to apply for limited pharmacist registration.
  2. If you are a UBC pharmacy graduate or pharmacy graduate from a CCAPP/ACPE accredited pharmacy program in Canada/U.S., you are eligible to apply for limited pharmacist registration because the practical training you completed within your pharmacy program satisfies the SPT requirement. Note that if it has been more than 3 years since your graduation, you no longer satisfy the SPT requirement.
  3. If you are a pharmacist from the U.S. who has practiced at least 1000 hours in the last 3 years as a pharmacist licensed in the U.S, you may be eligible to apply for limited pharmacist registration because you have satisfied the SPT requirement.
Registration Application Process

All limited pharmacist registration applications must be reviewed and approved by the Registration Committee (RC) before an applicant can be granted limited registration. The RC may grant registration if, in its opinion, the applicant is capable of practising without any risk to public health and safety.

  1. Apply to be a Limited Pharmacist

    Submit the Application for Limited Pharmacist Registration by email to: [email protected] or fax to: (604) 733-2493.

    Note that the following additional documents may be required:

    • Updated letter of standing – if you were previously registered as a health professional with another regulatory body and it has been more than one year since you applied for pre-registration/student pharmacist registration.
    • Updated authorization to work – if the authorization to work you provided with your pre-registration/student pharmacist registration application has expired.

    Ensure that you have professional liability insurance.

  2. RC Reviews your Application

    Visit the Registration Committee Review Process Overview for more information.

    Allow up to 5 business days for processing of your application including payment, after your application is approved by the RC.

  3. Apply for Drug Administration Certification (Optional)
    Refer to the Certification for Drug Administration by Injection and Intranasal Route page for more information.​

The College will send you a confirmation notice when your limited pharmacist registration is complete, and you may access your registration card through eServices. Registration is granted for 12 months and must be renewed annually. You will receive an email reminder six weeks before your renewal deadline. 

Limited Pharmacist Registration Renewal

Limited pharmacist registration is renewed annually up to 2 times (i.e. maximum 3 years of registration period in this class). Although Continuing Education (CE) is not required for your renewal, you must submit your renewal form through eServices and pay the annual registration fee before your registration expiry date. For the additional information, visit the Registration Renewal webpage.

1. What do I need to do once I am ready for full pharmacist registration?
Limited pharmacists will not have access to the online full registration module in eServices. Therefore, you must submit the paper Application for Full Pharmacist Registration by email to: [email protected] or fax to: (604) 733-2493. Refer to step 2 of the Pharmacist Registration webpage for additional requirements.
2. What is the scope of practice for limited pharmacists?
Limited pharmacists are permitted to practice pharmacy to the scope of a full pharmacist, however they must only practice under the supervision of a full pharmacist. A limited pharmacist must not delegate any aspect of practice.
3. Will my registration fees be pro-rated if I become registered as a full pharmacist while I am in the midst of my limited pharmacist registration?
Fees cannot be prorated therefore you will be required to pay both the limited pharmacist registration fee and full pharmacist registration in full, regardless of the length of time you were registered as a limited pharmacist.
4. How long will it take for my limited pharmacist application to be reviewed by the Registration Committee (RC), and if approved by the RC, how long will it take to process my application?

Total length of time could be up to 2 months:

  • Scheduling the RC meeting – up to 30 days to wait for next RC meeting
  • RC decision – up to 30 days from the RC meeting
  • Processing application - up to 5 business days to process the application
5. If the RC denies my application, will I still get charged the registration fee?

You will not be charged the registration fee if the RC denies your limited pharmacist registration application. The registration fee is only charged if your application is approved.

6. I am a recent UBC pharmacy graduate that would like to continue practising pharmacy while I wait for my PEBC results. Should I apply for limited pharmacist registration or can I continue to practise as a student pharmacist?
Once graduated, your student pharmacist registration is no longer valid. Therefore, you are no longer permitted to practice as a student pharmacist. If you wish to continue practising under the supervision of a full pharmacist, you should apply for limited pharmacist registration.
7. What is temporary limited pharmacist registration and how it is different from limited pharmacist registration?

Temporary registration, including temporary limited pharmacist registration, is only made available to allow for qualified individuals to provide pharmacy services during a health emergency.

  • If temporary registration is not available, you should apply for limited pharmacist registration if you wish to provide pharmacy services under the direct supervision of a full pharmacist.
  • If temporary registration is available, you may choose to apply for Limited Pharmacist registration or Temporary Limited Pharmacist Registration.  The former is granted for a 12-month period if approved by the RC, whereas the latter is granted temporarily and will be cancelled a on a date determined by the Registration Committee or the Registrar.  Both registration classes have the same eligibility requirements for registration and scope of practice. 

Contact the Registration Department at: [email protected] if you have questions.