PODSA Modernization: Amended Bylaws Now in Effect

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PODSA Modernization: Amended Bylaws Now in Effect  

Amendments to modernize the College’s bylaws under the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act (PODSA) are now in effect.  

These amendments were approved as part of the Legislative Standards & Modernization Goal within the College’s 2017/18 – 2019/20 Strategic Plan.

This PODSA Modernization Project is split into two phases. Phase One involved amendments to the PODSA Bylaws relating to pharmacy ownership requirements which came into effect on April 1, 2018

These changes support the College in its efforts to follow best practices for regulation, such as the concept of Right Touch Regulation. Right Touch Regulation means always asking what risk we are trying to regulate, being proportionate and targeted in regulating that risk or finding ways other than regulation to promote good practice and high-quality healthcare.

The following key bylaw topics are addressed in the Phase Two PODSA Bylaw amendments:

  • Operation of a community pharmacy without a full pharmacist,
  • Responsibilities of managers, direct owners, directors, officers and shareholders,
  • Storage of drugs and confidential health information, including offsite storage,
  • Developing provisions to allow for community telepharmacy reinstatement,
  • Bylaws that are not being complied with based on data from the Practice Review Program,
  • Reviewing PharmaNet requirements in light of the transition of administration of PharmaNet functions to the Ministry of Health, and
  • House-keeping amendments, including ensuring consistency of writing style.

A more detailed summary of these bylaw amendments can be found in the ReadLinks Article: PODSA Modernization: Bylaw Amendments Coming Soon.

You can also review the updated Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act Bylaws, which incorporate the Phase Two PODSA Bylaw amendments. 

Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act Bylaws

PODSA Bylaws

Review the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act Bylaws


Professional Practice Policy Amendments


PPP-3: Pharmacy References

PPP-31: Emergency Prescription Refills 

PPP-46: Temporary Pharmacy Closures 

PPP-54: Identifying Patients for PharmaNet Purposes 

PPP-59: Pharmacy Equipment 

PPP-65: Narcotic Counts and Reconciliations 

PPP-73: Validate Identification and College Registration Status for New Pharmacy Hires 

PPP-74: Community Pharmacy and Telepharmacy Security 

PPP-76: Criminal Record History Vendor

Changes to Professional Practice Policies (PPPs) 

In addition to the PODSA Modernization Bylaw Amendments, the College Board also approved a number of changes to the College’s Professional Practice Policies (PPP) which are now in effect. 

These changes include: 

Repealing PPP-25 Disaster Preparedness

  • The intent of this policy will instead be reflected through College Bylaws as part of the PODSA Modernization approved amendments and through amendments to other related policies (such as PPP-31 Emergency Prescription Refills).
  • The College is also working on developing guidance related to emergency preparedness and will be updating the resource page at bcpharmacists.org/emergency.

Making the following amendments to the PPPs listed below:

PPP-31 Emergency Prescription Refills

  • These amendments stem from the proposed repealing of PPP-25. Provisions relevant to providing an emergency supply of drugs in PPP-25 have been appended to PPP-31, where appropriate.
  • To align with the PODSA Bylaws related to this policy, the title of the policy has been updated to “PPP-31 Emergency Supply for Continuity of Care”.

PPP-46 Temporary Pharmacy Closures

  • Key provisions within PPP-46, related to temporary pharmacy closures, were transitioned into the amended bylaws for anticipated temporary closures for no more than 14 consecutive days and for unanticipated pharmacy closures no longer than 90 days. As such, the amendments to this policy set out additional notification procedures for both anticipated and unanticipated pharmacy closures.

PPP-54 Identifying Patients for PharmaNet Purposes

  • Amendments to this policy were made to clarify that PPP-54 applies not only to patients, but to patient’s representatives as well, in both community pharmacy and telepharmacy settings.
  • To reflect these amendments, the title of the policy has been updated to “PPP-54 Identifying Patients and Patient Representatives in Community and Telepharmacy Settings”.

PPP-59 Pharmacy Equipment

  • Amendments to this policy were made to modernize pharmacy equipment requirements based on current technologies available and to ensure the requirements are in line with what is necessary to ensure patient safety.

PPP-65 Narcotic Counts and Reconciliations

  • Amendments to this policy were made to align with Health Canada’s updated policy on loss or theft reporting, and guidance document on inventory reconciliation.
  • Additionally, changes have been made to improve clarity on existing PPP-65 requirements, consistency with proposed PODSA Bylaws amendments, and alignment with modern pharmacy practices.

PPP-73 Validate Identification and College Registration Status for New Pharmacy Hires

  • Amendments to this policy include clarifying that confirmation of an employee’s identity and registration status are to be done at the start of employment, but not during the application process. Stemming from the amended bylaws, which require pharmacy managers to ensure all individuals working in the pharmacy who represent themselves as registrants are registered with the College, a provision was added to the policy, which requires pharmacy managers to confirm the registration status of all staff registrants from time to time, at least annually. To align with this provision, the title of the policy  was updated to “PPP-73 Validate Identification and Verify College Registration Status for New and Existing Registrant Staff”.

Consequential amendments made to the following PPPs are also now in effect:


If you have any questions about the new requirements, please email [email protected].

Jan 16, 2020