New Pharmacy Ownership Requirements in effect on April 1, 2018.

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New Pharmacy Ownership Requirements in effect on April 1, 2018. 

The College’s amendments to the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act Bylaws, which incorporate the new pharmacy ownership requirements approved by the Provincial Government in 2016, are now in effect. 

These new requirements permit the College to know the identity of all pharmacy owners, determine their suitability for pharmacy ownership and hold them accountable for providing safe and effective care by ensuring their pharmacies are compliant with the legislative requirements for pharmacies in BC. 

Key changes in the amendments include shifting the responsibility of applying for a new pharmacy licence, renewing a pharmacy licence, and submitting changes of pharmacy licensure information from the pharmacy manager to the direct owner. 

All New Pharmacy Applications, Pharmacy Renewal Applications and Change of Owner Applications must now be completed in accordance with the new pharmacy ownership requirements. 

Proof of Eligibility

The new eligibility requirements for pharmacy ownership included in the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act strengthen the College’s ability to protect patient safety. 

Under the new requirements, for a pharmacy to be licenced by the College, direct owners, indirect owners and managers must meet the eligibility criteria in the Act, in addition to requirements under the College’s bylaws. 

Proof of Eligibility is provided through an attestation and a criminal record history submission. 

Note: Proof of Eligibility must only be submitted when you receive emailed instructions from the College. Please do not complete a Criminal Record History before receiving instructions.

Pharmacy Licence Renewals during the Transition Period 

First Pharmacies to Complete Transition Period Renewals

The first pharmacies to complete a pharmacy licence renewal under the new requirements will be those whose licence expires on June 30, 2018. 

Pharmacies with this licence expiry date will receive a renewal notice on April 16, 2018 (75 days before licence expiry) and must complete the pharmacy renewal application process by May 31, 2018 (30 days before licence expiry date).

Learn how to begin preparing for your pharmacy licence renewal under the new requirements. 

New Pharmacy Licensure Guide

The College has released a new Pharmacy Licensure Guide to help pharmacy on the new processes and requirements associated with applying for a new pharmacy licence, renewing an existing pharmacy licence, making changes to a pharmacy’s licensure information, and closing a licensed pharmacy. The guide also includes a comprehensive tutorial section focused on navigating the College’s secure online portal, eServices. 

More information on the new pharmacy ownership changes is also available at and through the College’s New Pharmacy Ownership Requirements ReadLinks Series.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

Apr 03, 2018