We need your input on the College's Website

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We need your input on the College's Website

The College is seeking input from the public, pharmacy professionals and other health care partners on their experiences using our website (bcpharmacists.org) and how we can improve it. 

BCpharmacists.org is a vital point of contact between the College and members of the public, as well as pharmacy professionals, and other health partners. As the College continues to progress in how it ensures safe and ethical pharmacy care for British Columbians, it is important that our website continues to evolve with us. 

The College’s website is an essential source of information for the public as well as BC’s pharmacy and health care professionals. BCpharmacists.org provides members of the public and registrants with access to: 

  • Our “Find a Pharmacy or Registrant” Directory
  • Outcomes of all complaints investigated by our Inquiry Committee 
  • Information about our Complaints Process, including how to make a complaint
  • All the College’s Bylaws, Professional Practice Policies and Guides 
  • Registration and Licensure information for pharmacies and pharmacy professionals 
  • Quality assurance information including the College’s Professional Development and Assessment Program and Practice Review Program 
  • Pertinent pharmacy practice updates and insights via our ReadLinks Articles 
  • All College news releases 
  • And much more 

Access to information and content delivery are vital components of health regulation. The College’s website enables us to fulfill a number of our organizational values including: consistency and transparency in our processes and messaging; providing accurate and useful information; and engaging meaningfully with all stakeholders. 

Your Input Matters

As a regulator, the College aims to be forward-thinking and able to anticipate change to support good pharmacy practice and continue to ensure safe and ethical pharmacy care for British Columbians. 

We want to ensure that our website continues to provide both the public and health professionals with an accessible and trusted resource for information related to pharmacy practice and regulation in BC.

Your feedback will help us make necessary improvements to our website to ensure that we are providing you with the most seamless access possible to the information you need. 

Take the Survey 


This survey will be available until Sunday, January 31, 2021 and should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

This survey is voluntary and a response is encouraged, not required.

This engagement is at the level of INVOLVE on the spectrum of engagement (based on the IAP2 Participation Spectrum). This means the College has promised to ensure that your concerns and aspirations are understood and considered in changes made to the College’s website.

Please Note that this survey is intended to collect feedback on bcpharmacists.org, and not the eServices website (which includes registration, renewals and the Practice Review and PDAP portals). 


For further questions or for assistance in completing the survey, please contact [email protected].

Dec 17, 2020