Supporting Documentation Required for Accredited Continuing Education Hours

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Supporting Documentation for Accredited Continuing Education Hours 

All registrants are required to complete a minimum of 15 hours of learning, documented on a minimum of 6 learning records. A minimum of 5 hours must be accredited learning activities, and supporting documentation needs to be provided as part of the learning record. 

Accredited learning activities have been reviewed using stringent criteria to ensure they are of high quality, unbiased, and that they clearly identify learning objectives for participants. Accredited programs indicate the number of accredited hours (CEU’s) assigned to the activity, and identify the accrediting body (such as UBC CPPD, CCCEP, ACPE

The requirements for accredited learning were approved by the College Board in November 2015 after being brought forward by the College’s Quality Assurance Committee. An environmental scan of continuing education requirements across Canada found that other provinces required some to all of the submitted hours to be accredited. The College also found that almost 80% of College registrants already complete more than 5 hours of accredited learning in their annual submission. 

Supporting Documentation Now Required for Accredited Continuing Education Hours 

The submission of supporting documentation was previously optional, however registrants were required to keep them in their personal records for at least 2 years. 

In order to support the requirements for accredited learning hours, the Quality Assurance Committee decided that supporting documentation should be mandatory to help ensure compliance. Beginning in 2017, supporting documentation will be required for all accredited learning activities and should be uploaded onto your learning record. 

Acceptable forms of supporting documentation include: 

  • Certificates of Completion 
  • Letters of Completion 
  • Records of Completion

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For more information on College-supported continuing education programs, please visit the Professional Development section of the College website. 

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Dec 20, 2016