Province Passes PODSA Amendments

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On April 25, 2016, the provincial government passed the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act (PODSA) amendments. Health Minister Terry Lake moved the third reading of the amendments, which authorize the College to identify pharmacy owners, something that was not possible in the past.

During the readings, many Members of the Legislative Assembly spoke in favour of the amendments and in support of the College (see Hansard report). The amendments are a result of the College’s request to have more legislative tools to regulate community pharmacies, and will create a mechanism for the College to take action against negligent pharmacy owners.

“I am very pleased by the government’s actions,” said College Registrar Bob Nakagawa. “These amendments will allow the College to better serve the public by ensuring that pharmacy owners are known and held accountable for the pharmacies they own.”

“Owners commit and control the resources and policies of their pharmacies. Owners also have access to drugs, including narcotics, and patient personal health information. The College will now be able to thoroughly review pharmacy owners and refuse a pharmacy license to a person with a narcotic offence or other relevant criminal record,” said Nakagawa.

Now that the PODSA amendments have been passed, the College will begin work on drafting bylaws that incorporate the changes. Once approved by the Board, draft bylaws are then posted on the College website for public comment. 

Apr 27, 2016