Practice Review Program: Resuming Onsite Reviews

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The Practice Review Program (PRP) is a comprehensive review of a pharmacy professional's practice and the pharmacy where they work. The program aims to protect public safety by improving compliance with College Bylaws and Professional Practice Policies and ensuring consistent delivery of pharmacy services across BC. 

Practice Reviews are typically conducted in-person at the pharmacy where pharmacy professionals practice and provide patient care. In March 2020 when the pandemic was declared, the program pivoted to a virtual platform where Pharmacy Professionals Reviews were conducted over Microsoft Teams. During virtual reviews, Compliance Officers review and discuss prescription examples, that registrants submit ahead of time, with the registrant. These examples are intended to reflect the registrant’s day-to-day practice and are used to exemplify the registrant’s usual processes with respect to the review’s focus areas. Despite changes to the method of conducting reviews, the focus areas and criteria of assessment that registrants are evaluated against remains the same. 

As we move forward, onsite Practice Reviews will be resumed this Summer, however, some Pharmacy Professionals Reviews may continue to be conducted virtually. The goal of this hybrid approach is to maximize logistical efficiencies and to maintain an optimal review experience for registrants. More information including the method of review will be provided upon selection. 

For more information on the Practice Review Program, the assessment framework, and all of our registrant support tools, please visit

Jul 27, 2022