PEBC: Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Competency Review Surveys

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In June, the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada is conducting an important survey to evaluate the importance of each of the competencies required of pharmacists and regulated pharmacy technicians at the beginning of their professional practice.The competencies that form the basis of the test content outline for the PEBC Pharmacist Qualifying Examination and Qualifying Examination for pharmacy technicians were recently updated by the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA). Data from the survey will be used to update the Qualifying Examinations for pharmacists to reflect the revised competencies and their importance in practice.

Pharmacists and regulated pharmacy technicians in active practice are needed to take the survey. If you are in active practice in a patient care setting, and are willing to participate in the survey as a representative of British Columbia, please take a few minutes now to register for the survey by clicking this link:

Pharmacists Pharmacy Technicians

It is critical that a large number of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from British Columbia participate in order to accurately reflect practice in our jurisdiction. We encourage you to help shape the future of the profession by being part of the study.

Jun 09, 2015