Nominate candidates or run yourself in the 2018 Board Elections

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Nominate candidates or run yourself in the 2018 Board Elections

Board elections will be held this fall for registrants in districts 2 (Fraser Valley), 4 (Kootenay / Okanagan), 6 (Urban Hospitals) and 8 (Pharmacy Technicians).

You can play an important role in these elections by identifying and nominating the best possible candidates or deciding to run yourself. In 2017, the Board approved bylaw changes to increase the length of elected Board member terms of office. Board members elected in 2018 will serve a 3 year term.

Board members have a significant role and responsibility. It is important to remember that while an election process is used to establish Board membership, the mandate of the Board is to uphold the College’s duty as set out in the Health Professions Act: to serve and protect the public. It is an honour and a privilege to self-regulate our own professions and one which we all take seriously.

Board members, whether pharmacists, pharmacy technicians or public appointees, bring diverse points of view to the table and work as a team to make sound policy and governance decisions in the public interest. Every new Board member receives an orientation to the Board’s governance model and is required to take and sign an Oath of Office indicating their understanding and commitment to their role.

Registrants in district 2 (Fraser Valley), 4 (Kootenay / Okanagan), 6 (Urban Hospitals) and 8 (Pharmacy Technicians) are eligible to run in the 2018 Board elections. (See the District Chart).

Submitting Nominations

Nomination forms must be submitted electronically to the College by emailing the form to [email protected] or by faxing to 604.733.2493 (toll free 800.377.8129).

Nominees must also email an electronic document with a 500 word or less biography and a high resolution digital photo (JPG or PNG) to [email protected].

Nomination forms and information about the role and responsibilities of the College Board are available online.

The deadline for election nominations is Friday, August 17, 2018 at 5:00 PM (PDT).

These are exciting and challenging times for pharmacy, as government and the public look to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to play an enhanced role in providing quality health care. The College needs passionate and forward thinking Board members who are dedicated to our mandate of delivering safe and effective pharmacy care as our professions evolve.

Board Elections: Key Dates

  • August 17, 2018 - Deadline for nomination forms, biographies and photos (5:00 PM PDT)
  • August 31, 2018 - Online election poll opens (9:00 AM PDT)
  • October 5, 2018 - Online election poll closes (5:00 PM PDT)
Jul 27, 2018