New Pharmacy Security Requirements now in effect

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New requirements to enhance the security of community pharmacies in BC are now in effect. 

In February 2017, the College Board approved amendments to the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act bylaws to establish minimum security measures for community pharmacies as well as revisions to Professional Practice Policy 74: Community Pharmacy Security, and a repeal of the Community Pharmacy Security Resource Guide. 

After being filed with the Minister of Health, the amended bylaws which include new provisions for physical barriers are now in effect. 

Transition Period for Physical Barrier Requirements 

Existing Pharmacies 
Recognizing that some pharmacies will need time to implement physical barriers, the College has set out a transition period for existing pharmacies to meet this requirement. 

Existing community pharmacies will have three years, until April 21, 2020, to become compliant with the physical barriers requirement. 

New Pharmacies 

All new community pharmacies will be required to comply with the new physical barrier requirements as part of the pharmacy licensing process for new pharmacies. 

New Pharmacy applicants for pharmacies opening on or after April 21, 2017 must meet the physical barrier requirements to become licensed as a pharmacy. 

Revised Professional Practice Policy #74: Community Pharmacy Security

With the initial community pharmacy security measures in PPP-74: Community Pharmacy Security transitioned to bylaw, the policy has been revised to provide guidance on the application of the bylaws. 

Essential items within the Community Pharmacy Resource Guide were also transitioned into the policy. As a result, the Guide is no longer needed and has been repealed. 

See the new Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act bylaws or see our ReadLinks article on the new requirements for more information.

Apr 21, 2017