Methadone Maintenance Treatment Update 6

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Full Transition to 10mg/ml on March 1

Remember that as of March 1, all methadone maintenance treatment prescriptions must be dispensed with the commercially available 10mg/ml methadone (cherry flavoured) oral preparation. All patients are to have been transitioned over during the month of February.

Think before you dispense. Patient safety is our top priority.
Please be vigilant in ensuring that patients are dispensed the correct dose, measured in a calibrated device that minimizes the error rate to no greater than 0.1 ml.

Declarations need to be made in eServices
All pharmacy managers, staff and relief pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must have implemented all necessary practice requirements identified in the PPP-66 Policy Guide (2013), and completed the mandatory training and made his or her declaration in eServices. If you have completed all other requirements but have yet to declare, you must declare now.

Questions about methadone for pain?
It is important to note that PPP-66 refers to methadone for maintenance only. Any questions regarding methadone for pain and how it should be dispensed in order to ensure coverage by PharmaCare should be directed to PharmaCare. The College cannot answer questions on coverage issues.

The College thanks you for your patience during this transition and for the care and support that you have provided your patients during this change.

Feb 26, 2014