Methadone Maintenance Treatment Update 4

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Not completed the mandatory training? Now is the time.

As of February 1, 2014 all pharmacy managers, staff and relief pharmacists and pharmacy technicians employed in a community pharmacy that provides pharmacy services related to MMT must have:

  • read the PPP-66 Policy Guide (2013),
  • completed the mandatory CPBC MMT training program (click here for the online training),
  • completed their declaration in eServices, and
  • implemented all necessary practice requirements identified in the PPP-66 Policy Guide (2013).

Think Before You Drink. Same Dose in Less Juice.

Pharmacies that dispense methadone are now receiving copies of posters and other materials for distribution that are designed to inform patients of the concentration change and the increased potential for overdose. These posters and messages were developed by the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users in conjunction with the Canadian Mental Health Association (BC Division) to reach the most vulnerable in our society, possibly unaware of the concentration change and using methadone while not in regular contact or care of a physician or pharmacist. Play a part in raising public awareness by putting the posters up in your pharmacy, handing the tear-off reminders to community agencies or doing what you can to help spread the word about the concentration change to the most vulnerable.

Click here for the poster.

Join the Conversation

The College is distributing posters and tear-off pads to methadone dispensing  community pharmacies across BC to provide additional tool to help spread the word about the upcoming change to MMT in BC. Share with other members of the profession creative ways of raising public awareness - with or without posters.

Jan 31, 2014