Health Canada’s Office of Controlled Substances Fax Line for Controlled Substance Decommissioned

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Submission of Loss or Theft Reports to Health Canada

Fax Line Decommissioned

Health Canada’s Office of Controlled Substances fax line for controlled substance and precursor Loss or Theft Reports has been out of service as of April 5, 2022.  

Due to technical issues, it will now be decommissioned.

As regulated health professionals, BC pharmacists must report any loss or theft of controlled substances or precursors to Health Canada.

Health Canada is now in the process of removing all website references to the fax line. If you have attempted to submit a report through fax since April 5th and it did not go through please resubmit using one of the methods identified below:

For more information regarding this message, please visit Health Canada's website or contact them at [email protected].

Apr 29, 2022