College Orders Closure of Downtown Pharmacy

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The College notifies Downtown Pharmacy on September 9, 2015 that the pharmacy will be suspended until further notice.

VANCOUVER – The College of Pharmacists of BC has ordered the closure of Downtown Pharmacy at 348 Powell St. in Vancouver after an inspection revealed serious sanitation, structural, and patient health concerns at the site. The College believes this poses a serious public and patient health risk and has ordered an immediate suspension of this pharmacy licence pending further investigation.

During its inspection, the College documented a large number of deficiencies including:

  • Mould inside a cupboard containing equipment used to provide patient care and in other locations
  • Old and mouldy food products, such as an open package of cake mix found in the dispensary
  • Rat traps and fecal found within dispensary and storage area
  • Graffiti on the exterior of the pharmacy
  • Dirty and dilapidated interior and exterior walls, fixtures, flooring, ceiling tiles, and furniture
  • Stains, cobwebs, dust, and peeling paint in numerous locations

The College will also work with external experts and, where appropriate, relevant local or provincial authorities, to complete air quality and environmental testing to ensure that the building is structurally sound.

This is the second pharmacy to be suspended by the College as a result of the evidence collected from an unannounced inspection. These inspections are being conducted as part of the College’s action plan on methadone maintenance treatment. This action plan steps up enforcement of standards that protect the public.


Media Contact
Mykle Ludvigsen
Director of Communications and Engagement



Sep 09, 2015