2016 Board Election Results

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The College is pleased to announce the results of the most recent Board elections held for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in Districts 2, 4, 6, and 8. The successful candidates (indicated in bold, below) will begin their term at the beginning of the November 2016 Board meeting. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

District 2 - Fraser Valley
Ming Chang (39.52%)
Todd Gehring (13.71%)
Ajit Johal (25.00%)
Anna Kownacki (21.77%)

District 4 - Kootenay/Okanagan
Andrew Braun (40.48%)
Christopher Szeman (59.52%)

District 6 - Urban Hospitals
Anar Dossa (79.66%)
Anca Jelescu Bodos (20.34%)

District 8 - Pharmacy Technicians
Sorell Wellon*

*Note: The College is pleased to announce the acclamation of Sorell Wellon in District 8 (Pharmacy Technicians) to a 2-year term. Ms. Wellon ran unopposed, therefore no election was held in District 8.


Oct 11, 2016