New Pharmacy Technician Graduate from Canada

New Pharmacy Technician Graduate from Canada (minimum requirement - CCAPP Accredited Program)

To be eligible to take the “new to practice” path to regulation, you must have graduated from a pharmacy technician program that has been accredited by the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP).
Note: Step 2, 3 and 4 can be completed in any order.
Here are the steps to register with the College:
  1. Pre-register with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia

    Please allow at least 45 days to complete processing of your pre-registration application. 

    If you had previously downloaded the pre-registration application form (footer noted 2020-11-20), the College will accept your application package by mail until December 31, 2021.

    If you decide to upload the previous version of the notarized identification form (footer noted 2020-11-20) via the Online Pre-Registration Module, we will accept it until December 31, 2021. Ensure to review the new Application Checklist for Pre-Registration/Student Pharmacist Registration prior to your submission.

    Effective January 1, 2022, all pre-registration applications must be submitted online (unless otherwise instructed) using the current version of all forms.

    Prior to submitting your online pre-registration application, begin by reviewing the general information section on the New Pharmacy Technician Registration page and collect all your required documents by referring to the Application Checklist for Pre-Registration.

    For applicants who have never pre-registered or registered with the College, submit your Pre-Registration application online by going to the eServices webpage and clicking the “Online Pre-Registration Module” link, then follow the instructions to create a new eServices account. Follow the instructions to enter your information and upload the required documents on the Application Summary page, then submit your payment by credit card for the pre-registration application fee.

    Once you have submitted payment, allow 5 business days for your application to be reviewed. You will be notified by email when there is an update to your application status.

    Note that the processing time for the Criminal Record Check (CRC) is at least 45 days. If adjudication or fingerprinting is required, the processing time will be further extended. Visit the CRC webpage for more information.

    Your pre-registration application is considered complete once all your documents are approved and your CRC result is received from the Ministry. Ensure your email address under the “My Profile” tab in eServices is up-to-date. If necessary, add the College’s email addresses to your Safe Sender List to avoid College emails from being filtered into your junk folder.

    For those who were previously pre-registered or registered with the College, you must email the completed HPA Form 7B Application for Pre-Registration (Pharmacy Technician) to the Registration Department at: [email protected], as you will not be able to use the Online Pre-Registration Module to apply.

  2. Successfully complete the Pharmacy Technician Structured Practical Training (SPT) program 
    SPT Information Guide
    SPT Application Form

    This is valid for 3 years from the completion date. Refer to Registration Committee Policy-7 and 8 for details

  3. Successfully complete the Jurisprudence Examination (JE)

    Jurisprudence Exam Information

    Results are valid for 3 years from the exam date in accordance with Registration Committee Policy-10.

  4. Successfully complete the PEBC Pharmacy Technician Qualifying Exam – Part I (MCQ) and Part II (OSPE) 
    Visit the PEBC website for more information.
  5. Apply to be a registered pharmacy technician

    You may submit your Pharmacy Technician registration application online after completing all required assessments listed above. All assessment results must be valid in order to be eligible to apply. You may apply in advance if you have met all other registration requirements and are only waiting for your PEBC certification results to be released.

    Use the Application Checklist for Pharmacy Technician Registration to identify the required documents or information prior to submitting your application.

    To submit your Pharmacy Technician Registration application, log into your eServices account, and select “Full Registration”. 

    Please allow 5 business days for processing if you have to resubmit your work authorization or Letter of Standing, or after the PEBC certification results have been released.

    You will be notified by email when there is an update to your application status.

    You will able to submit payment by credit card to complete registration when all requirements are met.

  6. Completing Additional Training (Optional)

    Additional training is required for working in a pharmacy that provides specific types of pharmacy services (e.g. Opioid Agonist Treatment). If this training applies to you, you are required to submit a declaration through eServices upon successful completion of the training. Please visit the College website at: for more information.

You are now a registered pharmacy technician. The College will send you a confirmation notice and issue a certificate of registration. You may access your registration card through eServices. Registration must be renewed annually. You will receive an email reminder six weeks before your renewal deadline. 

Note: Effective December 1, 2020, all newly registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians needing access to PharmaNet must enrol in PRIME by applying to the Ministry of Health and obtain approval to access PharmaNet. You may complete Step 1 of the enrollment process at any time, but you should only complete Step 2 of the enrollment process after 8pm on the day your Full registration is granted and a registration number is issued or else your approval will be delayed. For more information, visit the PRIME web page or contact [email protected].