Temporary Pharmacy
Eligibility Criteria

The Temporary Pharmacy Licence applicant must already own a licensed pharmacy in the area where an Evacuation Order or Declared Local State of Emergency order has been issued.

The new location for the temporary pharmacy must be located near the area covered by the Evacuation Order or Declared Local State of Emergency and is at the discretion of the Registrar.

Application Process
  1. Apply for a temporary relocation
    Submit the following documents to the College:
    1. Application for Change of Location

      Note: Indicate on the application form that you are applying for a “Temporary Pharmacy Licence”

    2. Pre-opening Inspection Report (Temporary Pharmacy)

Please allow up to 3 business days for processing

The Registrar will review and approve the application and determine if any licensure requirements to be waived on a case-by-case basis. 

Upon approval, the temporary licence will be issued for a 2-week period. The Applicant may reapply for an extension every 2 weeks before the licence expires.

Hospital Pharmacy Satellite

A hospital pharmacy satellite is a physically separate area on or outside the hospital premises used for the provision of pharmacy services which is dependent upon support and administrative services from the hospital pharmacy.

Application Process
  1. Submit Phase 1 Requirements: Ownership/Manager Requirements and Pharmacy Diagram
    1. Apply for a New Hospital Pharmacy Satellite
      Submit the following documents and refer to the appropriate section in the Pharmacy Licensure Guide for more information:
      1. PODSA Form 1E: Application for New Hospital Pharmacy Satellite and fees;

      2. Pharmacy diagram - Use this checklist to ensure that all requirements are included in the pharmacy diagram;
      3. Signed copy of the attestation using PODSA Form 5: Manager/Direct Owner/Indirect Owner – Proof of Eligibility from the central pharmacy manager.

      Allow up to 14 days for processing.

      When processing is complete, the manager will receive instructions via email to complete his/her Criminal Record History if one has not be done with the College in the previous 5 years.

    2. Submit Criminal Record History (CRH) to Complete Proof of Eligibility

      The manager should complete their Criminal Record History (if required) as soon as possible upon receipt of the email from the College.

      It will take up to 7 days to process a Criminal Record History result.

    When all the requirements for Phase 1 are met, Health Insurance BC (HIBC) of the Ministry of Health will be notified.  You will also receive a notification via email and may start building your hospital pharmacy satellite according to the approved pharmacy diagram.

  2. Build the Hospital Satellite

    Build the new hospital satellite as drawn in the diagram approved by the College.

    Notify the College at licensure@bcpharmacists.org if there is a change in the original diagram submitted or the proposed licensure date that was originally indicated in your application to avoid delays in the next phase of the process.

  3. Pre-Opening Inspection
    1. Submit Pre-Opening Documents (if required)
      If pre-opening documents are required, complete and submit the following documents by the deadline indicated in the letter sent after Phase 1 approval:


      1. Pharmacy Pre-Opening Inspection Report (for Hospital Pharmacy) with supporting digital evidence using this powerpoint template: Digital evidence submission form - Hospital Pharmacy  

        In order to avoid delays in processing your pre-opening documents, the digital evidence must provide sufficient context for College staff to determine whether the requirements are met."

    2. On-site Pre-Opening Inspection by College Inspector

      Contact the College at least 45 days prior to the proposed licensure date to schedule an on-site pre-opening inspection by a College Inspector.

      A College inspector will conduct a scheduled pre-opening inspection at the hospital pharmacy satellite using the pre-opening inspection report submitted in Step 3(a) (if required).The pharmacy manager/authorized representatives are encouraged to use the same report to prepare for the pre-opening inspection if pre-opening documents are not required to be submitted in advance.

       Note: A subsequent visit will be required if requirements are not met, which may delay the opening of the new pharmacy.

Once all the above documents are complete and all requirements are met, the authorized representative will be notified by email when the hospital pharmacy satellite is authorized to open.  An authorization to operate a hospital pharmacy satellite will be issued and HIBC will also be notified.

A hospital pharmacy satellite authorization is valid for 12 months and must be renewed through eServices annually no later than 30 days before the expiry date.  An email notification will be sent to all authorized representative(s) approximately 60 days before the pharmacy licence expires.  Ensure that your email contact information on eServices is always up-to-date.