Professional Development

I recently completed a Practice Review. Can I use that towards my Continuing Education (CE) requirements?

You can include any educational activities undertaken to prepare for the Practice Reviews, or as a result of the Practice Review towards your CE requirements and record them accordingly on the PDAP Portal.

For example: if you read the comprehensive outlines of focus areas for Pharmacy Professionals Reviews on the PRP Support Tools in order to get ready for the Practice Review, you would record that as non-accredited learning and document the actual time spent on the activity.

What should I do if my Learning Records are not counting towards my minimum Continuing Education (CE) requirements?

Please ensure that you have “Submitted” your Learning Records as only “Submitted” Learning Records “count” towards satisfying your CE requirements. A Learning Record may be:

  • In Progress: required information is missing from specific fields. Learning Record cannot be “Submitted”.
  • Complete: all required information has been entered. Learning Record can be “Submitted”.

What should I do if I have satisfied the CE requirements on the PDAP Portal but see a message saying “You must satisfy your Continuing Education (CE) Requirements in order to complete your Registration Renewal.” when I try to renew registration?

Please contact the PDAP Department: (604) 733-2440, or email us at: [email protected] for assistance.

How long should I retain my original supporting documentation?

Please retain all original supporting documentation for at least 2 years from your registration renewal deadline.

For example, if your registration renewal date is August 31, 2020, you must submit through the PDAP Portal, Continuing Education (CE) activities undertaken during September 1, 2019-August 31, 2020. You would keep the original supporting documentation at least until August 31, 2022