Board Highlights - June 24, 2016

BOARD HIGHLIGHTS - June 24, 2016

Registrar to Write Health Canada For Pharmacist Dispensing of Mifegymiso 

The Board approved a motion to direct the Registrar to write a letter to Health Canada to include pharmacists in the dispensing of mifegymiso. Health Canada approved the drug for physician-only dispensing on July 29, 2015. Concerns have been raised by the Canadian Pharmacists Association, the Canadian Institute of Health Research, and the Public Health Agency of Canada as physician-only dispensing does not promote the provision of safe, effective medical abortion services to women, particularly those living in rural and remote communities.

Ministry of Health Presents on EPrescribing

Jonathan Robinson, Project Director at the Ministry of Health, presented on ePrescribing. ePrescribing allows prescribers to send prescriptions electronically to pharmacists through PharmaNet. The Ministry is exploring ePrescribing pilot sites across the province within the next 12 months. The College was involved in previous discussions on ePrescribing and will continue to engage with the Ministry. 

Board Presentation on Crime Prevention through environmental design

Elliott Mann of Simon Fraser University’s School of Criminology presented to the Board on crime prevention through environmental design and target hardening, specifically related to physical barriers and pharmacy security. Elliott is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Criminology at SFU under the direction of Professor and Associate Director of the Institute of Canadian Urban Research Studies Dr. Martin Andresen.

Board approves amendments for PODSA Bylaws on Pharmacy Workload to be filed with the ministry

The Board approved amendments to the PODSA bylaws regarding requirements for pharmacy owners, directors and managers with respect to pharmacy workload for filing with the Ministry of Health. In accordance with the College’s legislative process, the draft bylaws were posted on the College website for public comment in February 2015 and are now being filed. The draft bylaws take into account the feedback gathered during the public posting period.

The intent of the bylaws is to ensure that registrant and pharmacy staff levels are sufficient to ensure that workload volumes – including meeting quotas, targets or similar measures – do not compromise patient safety or compliance with College bylaws, Code of Ethics or standards of practice.


#CPBCBoard member Jeremy Walden talking about workload quotas

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Board Formalizes Pharmacy Technician SPT Fee

The Board approved a small housekeeping update to the Fee Schedule, which adds the Structured Practical Training (SPT) fee for pharmacy technicians. Previously administered by UBC, the College now administers the SPT program and as such needed to add the existing $341.25 fee to the Fee Schedule. 

Practice Review Program: Phase 1 Feedback and Planning for Phase 2

The College presented statistics and registrant feedback to the Board on Phase 1 of the Practice Review Program. In its first year in community pharmacies, Compliance Officers completed over 550 Pharmacy Professionals Reviews and more than 200 Pharmacy Reviews. Registrant feedback gained through the anonymous feedback survey was generally positive and included feedback to improve the IT tools and program resources. Work is underway to launch Phase 2 of the program in hospital pharmacies in Fall 2016. 



PRP update by Mike Ortynsky at #CPBCBoard

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Board Approves Audited Financial Statements 

The Board approved the final audited financial statements for the College, which confirms that the College continues to be in good fiscal health. The statements, provided by Grant Thornton, are included with the 2015/16 Annual Report that will be available on the College website shortly.

College to Undergo organizational Review

The Board approved a motion for the Governance Committee to search for an external consultant to conduct an organizational review of the College and report back to the Board in September 2016 on the search results.