2018 Board Elections: District 2 Candidate - William Campbell

District 2 - William Campbell

William Campbell BSc. (Pharm.), M.S.H.A., C.D.E.

I am seeking election in District 2 as a Board member to provide an experienced pharmacist perspective in meeting the College's role of providing safe and effective care to the public. I graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1975 and the University of Alberta in 1983. I have worked as a staff pharmacist in hospital and community retail pharmacies, as an owner of two retail pharmacies, for a provincial health ministry, and as a health care administrator in several provinces. I am a Certified Diabetes Educator as well.

I have worked for and with boards, served on a provincial nursing association disciplinary committee, and as a UBC Regional Education Coordinator in Duncan, White Rock, and Chilliwack.

I am currently working as a part time relief pharmacist and now, have more time to give back to the public that I have served over the past 43 years. I am continuing to be involved in a profession that makes such a positive difference in the lives of so many people.

Accountability has become a very important issue for us to consider in providing quality pharmaceutical care. For example, mistakes occur in pharmacies, and it will be beneficial for all to have pharmacists included in the discussion of error reporting. Pharmacists are the most trusted health care professionals, and I want to contribute through the College to sustain this trust by ensuring decision making is in the best interests of the people who depend on us.

Education is very important to me as a pharmacist and over the years, I have learned how much effort is required to maintain our skills in an increasingly demanding profession. As a CDE, I find that engaging people through change management principles, setting goals, and evaluation follow up can be more effective than telling people what to do. I hope to apply this practice into my role as a Board member.

In my position at Manitoba Health, I was responsible for funding healthcare providers including hospitals, long term care homes, medical clinics, and physicians. I learned that funding and regulation can affect organizational behavior, sometimes in unintended ways. The College has a large role in influencing best practices in ensuring improvement in pharmaceutical care and I have a diverse background which can support the college initiatives in this area.

Everyone who knows me can attest that I will effectively support the College’s role in ensuring the safe and effective pharmacy care to the public. I understand the issues facing the College and public health. I will be an active Board member and will actively seek your input in fulfilling my responsibilities as a board member.

Best regards,

William Campbell.