2022 Board Elections: District 3 Candidate - Andrea Silver

District 3 - Andrea Silver

Andrea Silver
District 3: Vancouver Island / Coastal

Currently completing my third year on the CPBC Board and serving as Vice Chair, seeking to be entrusted with another term.

It has been a challenging and rewarding few years – we have made frequent and fast decisions through the pandemic, steered the organization through a CEO transition, and anticipated changes to the Health Professions Act. Now we wade through the ongoing challenges facing BC and the Island with the physician shortages and ongoing COVID-19 and toxic drug public health emergencies. I believe the College can provide the backbone for pharmacists to meet public health needs and provide safe, high-quality care.

In addition to my experience as a pharmacist in clinical and community settings, I offer:

  • Commitment to cultural safety and humility
  • Understanding of good governance principles
  • Dedication to the College’s mandate of public safety
  • Experience in board meetings and with the responsibilities of board members
  • Current work on five CPBC committees
  • Financial and policy literacy
  • Insight into the complexities of the current healthcare system, including allied professionals, government, and patient lived-experiences

About me:

  • Vice Chair, College of Pharmacists of BC Board Member 2019-2022
  • Pharmacy Manager of an independent pharmacy in Victoria, BC
  • Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Immunization Pharmacist, Caregiver-Friendly Pharmacy
  • Clinical Lead for new community programs such as Heart@Home in Victoria, BC
  • Author for CPHA’s Therapeutic Choices for Minor Ailments (TCMA)
  • Excellence in Patient Care award | BCPhA 2019
  • Preceptor to the next generation of pharmacists
  • UBC Community Residency provided exposure to many patient populations and practice specialties in the lower mainland ad Vancouver Island:
    • Senior’s outpatient clinic, Royal Jubilee Hospital
    • Dialysis clinic, Royal Columbian Hospital
    • Various primary care clinics in Vancouver
    • Palliative care, Fraser Health
    • Drug Poison Information Center, Vancouver
    • Medication management services, Burnaby Hospital
    • Heart Health Clinic, Burnaby Hospital
    • Oncology outpatient clinic Burnaby Hospital
    • St. Paul’s HIV Outpatient Center
    • Provincial Academic Detailing, Ministry of Health   
  • Retail experience in both corporate and independent structures
  • 21 years of pharmacy practice experience, 3 years experience in research and statistics