2021 Board Elections: District 2 Candidate - Terri Gibson

District 2 - Terri Gibson

Terri Anne Gibson is a 2012 alumni of the University of Victoria (Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Applied Ethics) and a 2017 alumni of the University of Saskatchewan (Bachelor of Science, Pharmacy). She has been practicing as a community pharmacist for over four years, beginning her career in the Province of Alberta where she was able to advocate and care for her patients to the fullest scope of pharmacist practice with her Additional Prescribing Authorization Certification. She is currently practicing as a pharmacy manager for Shoppers Drug Mart in the Fraser Valley Region of British Columbia.

Terri views volunteerism as a key component of her professional responsibility as a pharmacist and healthcare provider, and has a decade-plus history of giving back to her community. Her commitment to serving vulnerable populations is demonstrated by her dedication to numerous leadership roles, including The Vancouver Shoebox Project for Women, where she serves as Regional Coordinator. In this role, she facilitates the collection and donation of thousands of gift-filled shoeboxes over the holiday season to women impacted by homelessness across the entire Lower Mainland. Additionally, she worked with The Shoebox Project on an international scale to create a public service announcement shedding light on the pervasiveness of domestic violence against women; this PSA currently airs on CTV National in Canada, as well as on various channels in the United States and the United Kingdom. She is also actively engaged with the charitable group 100 Women Who Care: Fraser Valley, a passionate group of women who gather to raise money for local community causes, and she volunteers annually in her hometown with the Saskatoon Festival of Trees, raising funds to support the Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation.

Terri has a special interest in medication error management and the development of safe medication practices. During her studies she completed a clinical internship with Bruyère Continuing Care in Ottawa, Ontario. In this position she analyzed hundreds of medication errors that occurred across Bruyère’s two inpatient sites and presented her recommendations for improving patient safety to Bruyère’s Board of Directors. This presentation led to the adoption of two key changes across Bruyère’s inpatient sites: the replacement of ‘sliding scale only’ insulin orders with scheduled subcutaneous insulin dosing (including basal, nutritional and correctional components) for all long-term inpatients, and the mandatory viewing by new staff members of an educational video demonstrating how medications are dispensed throughout the inpatient sites, which Terri herself created.

The promotion of safe medication practices and protecting the health and wellness of the public through tangible environmental, workflow and policy changes remains a primary interest of Terri’s in her community practice, and a key reason for her desire to serve as a Board Member. Terri makes her home in the beautiful community of Maple Ridge with her husband and three year-old son. She is a proud member of the pharmacy profession and would be humbled to serve as a Board Member for the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia.