2019 Board Elections: District 3 Candidate - Catherine McCann

District 3 - Catherine McCann

I want to thank my nominators for their gracious support of my nomination for election as a College of Pharmacists of BC Board Member candidate.

I have a unique perspective on professional regulation through the many years of my eclectic work and volunteer experience. I have worked in many different pharmacy settings, including hospital and community practice. In 1994, I worked in professional regulation for the Alberta College of Pharmacists as a complaints’ investigator and an Assistant Registrar for professional competency. From 1999 to 2012, I worked as a manager and later, a policy advisor for the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta. In 2012, I left the office world to go out on my own as a management consultant under the banner of cvmccann and associates. One of my contracts included working as the Director for the PharmD program at the University of Alberta in 2012-2013. Upon moving to British Columbia in 2013, I worked for Island Health at the Duncan site and the Lady Minto site on Salt Spring Island. I also did relief work in community pharmacies on Salt Spring Island. I am currently the pharmacist/owner of the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Comox, BC.

My previous relevant board experience includes two terms as a board member of the Alberta College of Pharmacy from 2006 to 2011. I continue to hold a practising license in Alberta.I received my BScPharm from the University of Alberta in 1988, and I completed an MBA from Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario) in 1997.

I am a strong supporter of professional self-regulation. The profession must set its standards while ensuring that public safety is paramount. Equally important, is continuously improving pharmacist practice through regular practice reviews to serve the interests of the public better.Expansion of pharmacist scope of practice in BC is necessary for pharmacists to realize autonomy in their practices. It is also important from a patient safety perspective and for improvement of patient care. Pharmacists have demonstrated through many studies and in many settings, their value and contribution to patient care when they can prescribe responsibly. It is the College’s mandate to set those standards that will optimize a pharmacist’s ability to practice at a high level. I look forward to working with my Board colleagues in making this goal a reality in this province.

I have an interest in strategic planning and organizational effectiveness. As a board leader, I feel it is vital that the College be accountable to its stakeholders and the public. I am also a strong proponent of an effective organization; it is crucial to set clear priorities and to be fiscally responsible.

I appreciate the opportunity to run for election for this position. Thank you.