2019 Board Elections: District 3 Candidate - Carmen Troje

District 3 - Carmen Troje

Carmen Doris Troje BSc(Pharm) MA
3713 Belaire Drive
Nanaimo, BC    
V9T 5A1

I believe that pharmacy will rapidly reach a crisis in the future with pressure directed from financial and technological fronts. The effects can already be witnessed in other professions where cost controls and complex technologies are substituted for high quality professional services. In this, the intrinsic value of highly skilled people is being diminished and unrecognized

Widening pharmacy’s scope of practice is just one aspect that will help improve patient care. An astute leadership team utilizing their practice-based professional education, with a focus intent on improving patient care will serve the public better. The pharmacist could live and work within their intellectual scope with greater professional fulfillment; both aspects contribute significantly to better patient care. Concurrently the general public could benefit from the pharmacists’ expertise in therapeutics, as well as expense control, augmented by upcoming technologies;patients would be provided the best possible practices of pharmaceutical care.

Over the past thirty years, my pharmacy practice journey has taken me to three provinces and various positions: clinical pharmacist in teaching hospitals, multi-site hospital manager/coordinator, patient safety advocate, community pharmacy owner/innovator, staff pharmacist with independent pharmacies and currently as a pharmacist/manager at Rexall 7181.

In 2003, I completed my Masters’ Degree in Leadership and Training.  The purpose of this degree was to provide me with the skills and understanding of organizational behaviour from a human resource perspective, the power of team, recognizing and empowering an individual’s capacity and contribution. It also developed within me an appreciation for differing leadership styles and of complex organizational systems.

I have seen many changes in pharmacy practice in both community and hospital practice. This year is my tenth year as a community Pharmacy manager with Rexall. I have served with dedication and commitment providing the best pharmacy care. I am optimistic about what the future of pharmacy could be and would like to play a more significant leadership role in the governance of our profession.

Carmen Troje BSc(Pharm) MA