Prescriptions for Patients coming from BC Corrections Centres

Prescriptions for Patients coming from BC Corrections Centres

To support continuity of care when patients are released at court unexpectedly, BC Corrections will be instructing any correctional centre patient attending court to present to the nearest pharmacy, in the event of release into the community.

The patient is to advise the pharmacist of the name of the centre where they were treated, and ask the pharmacist to call that centre to receive an ongoing or bridging prescription until they are able to access a physician in the community.

Bridging prescriptions will generally last between 7 and 14 days, or longer, depending on the medication, the condition and the anticipated appointment with a doctor.

BC Corrections Contact Information to Reach Treating Physicians

BC Corrections list of list provincial correctional centres includes the appropriate contact information to reach a treating physician at a centre.

Centers can be reached during the daytime with the numbers listed for each location. For evenings, weekends, holidays, or in the absence of a centre physician, please use the BC Corrections provincial on-call physician answering service.

The provincial correctional centres contact list is available through the College’s secure eServices website .

See Providing Continuity of Care for BC Corrections Patients as they Re-enter the Community for more information.