2018 Board Elections: District 4 Candidate - Steven Hopp

District 4 - Steven Hopp

I want to introduce myself to you and ask that you consider me as your candidate for the College of Pharmacists Board, District 4.

I was born and raised in Williams Lake, BC. I learned early on while working as a pharmacy student in Williams Lake the integral part pharmacists play in patient care and how much trust patients have in us. I have always believed in holding myself and my pharmacy practice to the highest standard possible to maintain this trust and ensure the safety of my patients.

I graduated from UBC in 2002 and went to work for Shoppers Drug Mart in Penticton. In Penticton I developed a love for community outreach, performing regular health related talks to service groups, care homes and community organizations.

In 2007 I became the Associate/Owner of Shoppers Drug Mart in Osoyoos.  My passion for community involvement and patient care continued here where I have had nursing home contracts, and continue to be involved with assisted living and independent care facilities. I also spent 4 years on the Board of the Desert Valley Hospice Society, where I developed a passion for end of life care. In 2016 I had the opportunity to also become the Associate/Owner of the Shoppers Simply Pharmacy in Penticton. I am proud of the difference my team makes to our patients in Penticton through the quality professional services we provide out of a small clinical store. I have also been honoured to be elected by my peers to represent them and advocate on their behalf to our corporate office on our Associate PEERs committee.

Throughout my career I have always felt we should be able to do more for our patients. I was excited to gain the ability to provide vaccinations and felt privileged to perform medication reviews and adaptations when these services came along. I believe that these services are essential to the improved health and safety of our patients. I also believe strongly that they must only be performed in an ethical manner. We must continue to advance pharmacy services including bringing in pharmacist prescribing and access to lab values. 

I believe that the most powerful currency we have as pharmacists is our integrity. If you believe this too, please vote for me. We need a strong voice on the College Board that has experience, understands the business, but is passionate about community, patients and our profession. Someone who has a drive to collaborate towards solutions for better patient care. Most of all, someone who will understand pharmacy practice and act with the best interest of patients in mind. If this is what you stand for, please vote for me, Steven Hopp for the College of Pharmacist Board - District 4.

If you wish to contact me for anything during the election period, please email: asdm262@shoppersdrugmart.ca and follow me on Instagram: stevenhopp4collegeofpharmacist