I have just received a prescription with the following statement “Do Not Renew &/or Adapt” (or something similar) hand-written on it. Does this mean that I cannot adapt or renew this prescription?

Yes. Just like we honour notations like this from prescribers today regarding generic substitution pharmacists are expected to honour hand-written “Do Not Renew &/or Adapt” instructions on prescriptions. The College of Physician and Surgeons (CPSBC) have agreed that pre-printed prescription pads are not acceptable and if a physician electronically produces their prescription they must sign or initial beside the notation.

It is important to remember that should a pharmacist, presented with a valid notation on a prescription, still feel that an adaptation or renewal is in the best interest of the patient there are a number of options still available to them: contact the prescriber or provide an emergency fill (PPP-31) to ensure continuity of care giving the patient time to get in to see their physician.