Practice Review Program

Practice Review Program

The Practice Review Program (PRP) is an in-person review of a pharmacy professional's practice and the pharmacy where they work. Under the PRP, every pharmacy professional and pharmacy will be reviewed at least once every six years to ensure they meet College standards.

The College implemented the PRP in community pharmacy in January 2015. The PRP will expand to include hospital pharmacy in 2016. 

The PRP has two components: the Pharmacy Review and the Pharmacy Professionals Review.

Pharmacy managers, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will receive advanced notice of an upcoming review, as well as the areas that the College will focus on during the review. Transparency is an important element with the PRP, as the goal of the program is to have all registrants and practice settings meet College standards.

The College hired new staff - all registered pharmacy professionals called Compliance Officers - to conduct the practice reviews. The Pharmacy Review will be completed first, followed by the Pharmacy Professionals Review. Compliance Officers will document and record areas of non-compliance and will assign action items and due dates.

Pharmacy managers will receive the Pharmacy Review results, and each individual pharmacist and pharmacy technician will receive their own confidential results of their Pharmacy Professionals Review. All elements of a review – scheduling, results, action items and dates of completion – will be shared with pharmacists and pharmacy technicians online through the College’s secure eServices portal.

The Pharmacy Review process is built upon the College's previous inspection process, and will focus on legislated physical requirements of the pharmacy.

The Pharmacy Professionals Review is grounded in these four Board-approved focus areas:

  • patient identification verification,
  • PharmaNet profile checking,
  • documentation, and
  • patient counseling.

These focus areas were identified as having the most impact on patient safety. Based on Board direction, focus areas may change as the PRP progresses.

The six-year review time frame allows for all pharmacies and pharmacy professionals currently practicing in BC to be reviewed. Reviews may be more frequent in some cases in order to address areas of concern. 

The College created an informational video to help explain the new PRP process: