Pharmacy Renewals

Pharmacy Renewals

Effective May 25, 2015, all pharmacy licensure renewals will be online. 

Pharmacy licensure must be renewed on an annual basis. Renewals are completed online through eServices

  1. Pharmacy Licence Expiry Notification

    Email notification is sent to the pharmacy manager 6 weeks before the pharmacy licence expires in order to complete the online pharmacy licence renewal.

    Note: The licence expiry date is printed on the pharmacy licence posted in your pharmacy. Please ensure the pharmacy manager's information is current as notices are sent to the pharmacy manager via email.

  2. Submit Renewal Documents to the College

    Before completing your licence renewal, please review the online pharmacy renewal tutorial.

    All 5 sections of the online renewal form must be completed. If documents required, must be submitted online;

    • Profile
    • Staff
    • Services
    • Declarations
    • Payment


    Note: The municipal business licence must be issued to the corporate owner and list the operating name of the business. Click to see sample.

    If the College does not receive your completed renewal on or before your licence expiry date, your pharmacy must remain closed until the College confirms reinstatement of your pharmacy licence.

    Terms of reinstatement of a pharmacy licence can be found in Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act (PODSA), section 4. Please note that it is a contravention of PODSA to operate an unlicensed pharmacy.

  3. Licence Renewal Confirmation

    Upon approval of the pharmacy licence renewal including payment, the new pharmacy e-licence will be available on eServices. The College no longer prints and mails a hardcopy licence. 

    The pharmacy manager will receive an email notification that the e-Receipt is available through eServices>Pharmacy Portal within 2 business days, and the e-Licence will be available after your current licence expires.

The pharmacy licence is now renewed. If you have any renewal questions or comments, please email