Pharmacy Student

Pharmacy Student


A person must be registered as a student pharmacist within 6 months of their enrolment as a student in the pharmacy education program and before starting their structured practical training, or providing pharmacy services.  A student pharmacist may only provide pharmacy services while under the supervision of a full pharmacist. 

Use the information and resources below to ensure that you have all of the necessary documentation for your student pharmacist registration application. You may want to print this page to use as a reference. Refer to the student pharmacist process for the specific requirements.

Student Pharmacist Applications are to be completed online through eServices unless otherwise specified.  All required documents must be mailed to the College office at 200 – 1765 West 8th Ave, Vancouver BC V6J 5C6.  Faxed or scanned copies via email will not be accepted. 

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Student Pharmacist Process Overview

Required Documents

Submitting Your Documents

  • Submit both sides of any documents that are double-sided, e.g. birth certificate, Canadian Citizenship card or certificate. 
  • Documents in a language other than English must be translated by a certified translator.
  • Documents that are required to be notarized must be completed by a Notary Public or lawyer.  Other professionals will not be accepted.​
Notarized Identification Form

The Notarized Identification form is required for all pre-registration categories, including Student Pharmacist registration.  Complete and mail this form along with a notarized copy of your primary ID to the College.  Notarized documents can only be completed by a Notary Public or lawyer. Other professionals will not be accepted.

To complete the form, you will need the following items:

  1. One passport photograph taken within one year

  2. One of the following primary identification:

    • Birth certificate
    • Canadian citizenship card/certificate
    • Notarized affidavit (if applicable)


  3. One of the following secondary identification:

    • Passport
    • Valid Canadian driver’s license
    • British Columbia identification card
    • Naturalization certificate
    • Canadian Forces identification
Letter of Standing

If you are or have been registered as a health professional in any jurisdiction, you will be required to submit a Letter of Standing.  The letter must be dated no earlier than 3 months before the date of your application and must be sent directly to the College from your current and/or previous regulatory body, otherwise it will not be accepted. 

All Letters of Standing must be mailed to the College, except pharmacy regulatory bodies from other Canadian provinces may send the Letters of Standing to the College via mail, email ( or fax (604-733-2493/1-800-377-8129).

Proof of Name Difference

If your name is inconsistent on any of your provided documents (e.g. name change, different spellings), you must mail a copy of the name change certificate or marriage certificate to the College.

If the name change/marriage certificate cannot account for the differences (e.g. different spelling), you must mail the original copy of your notarized affidavit (see sample affidavit) to the College.

Notarized Affidavits
A notarized affidavit is a written statement that is required if you are unable to provide the original document confirming the facts of your application.  All documents that are required to be notarized must be completed by a Notary Public or lawyer.  Other professionals will not be accepted.  If you are submitting a notarized affidavit, mail the original copy of the notarized affidavit to the College using the sample template(s) below:



Processing Times

The registration process takes at least 30 business days to complete.

Your application will be reviewed within 5 business days upon receipt. However, the processing of your registration application will only be completed when the College receives all required documentation and your Criminal Record Check result from the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General. 

The College will receive your results approximately 20-25 business days after your authorization has been submitted.  

Processing times may be extended if additional adjudication or fingerprinting is required by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

A confirmation email will be sent to you upon completion of the registration process.


Registration application and Jurisprudence Exam fees are listed below and can also be found in the HPA Fee Schedule

The accepted online methods of payment for fees are Visa and Mastercard.

All College fees are non-refundable.

Application Type Registration Fee
Application for Student Pharmacist $100.00 plus GST and $28.00 Criminal Record Check