Pharmacy Professionals

Pharmacy Professionals

Pharmacy professional registration must be renewed on an annual basis. Renewals are completed online through eServices

A registrant's renewal deadline coincides with the month that they were fully registered with the College. 

  1. Registration Expiry Notification

    Email notification is sent to registrants 6 weeks before registration expires in order to complete the online renewal.

    Your registration expiry can be found printed on your registration card and by logging into eServices

    Please ensure your email address is up to date as notices are sent to your email address on College records.

  2. Renewal Requirements (if applicable)
    Continuing Education:

    All registrants of the College of Pharmacists of BC (excluding Non-Practising) must complete CE to be eligible to renew for the upcoming year.

    For further information, please visit the Professional Development and Assessment Program page of the website.

    • Criminal Record Check (CRC):

      Under the Health Professions Act, all registrants of the College of Pharmacists of BC are required to consent to a criminal record check (CRC) at least once every 5 years.

      At the time of your renewal, if your CRC is due for a re-check, a CRC fee and a CRC declaration checkbox will be posted to your eServices account.

      For further information, please review the criminal record check FAQs.

    • Drug Administration Recertification

      Pharmacists that are certified for drug administration, must re-certify at the time of their registration renewal by declaring that in the preceding three years they have:

      • Administered a drug via injection route or successfully completed a continuing education program in drug administration as specified in Schedule C and
      • Administered a drug via intranasal route or successfully completed the intranasal immunization drug administration online module as specified in Schedule C and
      • Maintained valid First Aid and CPR certification throughout their drug administration certification as specified in Schedule C.

      Note that if a pharmacist does not satisfy the requirements to make the above declaration, the pharmacist’s drug administration certification will no longer be valid. To acquire certification again, they will be required to re-apply for drug administration certification. This may involve having to re-take the drug administration training certification and First Aid & CPR certification programs.

      For information regarding approved programs for drug administration, see Schedule C of the HPA Bylaws.

    • Liability Insurance:

      All registrants of the College of Pharmacists of BC (excluding Non-Practising) are required to carry professional liability insurance that meets the following criteria:

      • Provides a minimum of $2 million coverage.
      • Provides occurrence based coverage or claims made coverage with extended reporting period of at least 3 years.
      • If not in the pharmacists’ or regulated pharmacy technicians’ name, the group policy covers the pharmacist or pharmacy technician as an individual.


  3. Complete Online Renewal
    The online renewal link is under eServices>Renew Registration.

    Select your renewal option for the upcoming year.  If you decide not to renew and select to transfer to the Non-Practising register or Former category, please note that to transfer back to the Full register, you must apply for reinstatement and complete all reinstatement requirements:

    Pharmacist reinstatement
    Pharmacy technician reinstatement

    Verify or update personal and workplace information and complete your declarations.

  4. Renewal payment

    You may only proceed to payment page after your CE component has been submitted to the College.

    • Payment by credit card
      We accept Visa and MasterCard
    • Payment by cheque
      Print and submit “Payment Page” with your cheque payable to the College of Pharmacists of BC.
    • Payment by employer
      Print and submit “Payment Page” to your employer to forward payment to the College of Pharmacists of BC.


    Note: It is important that you complete your renewal on or before your registration expiry date (including submission of the online renewal form, CE and payment), as failure for the College to receive it will result in an automated transfer of your status on the College register from 'active' to 'inactive'(HPA Bylaw 51(5)).

    There are number of consequences to being transferred to the 'inactive' register including the cancellation of your access to PharmaNet and a late registration/reinstatement fee of $125.00 plus applicable taxes (HPA Bylaw 53(d)).

  5. Registration Renewal Confirmation
    Upon completion of your renewal, you will receive an email notification that your e-receipt is available and can be accessed through eServices under "Receipts". Your new e-Registration card will be available after your current registration expires.

If you have any renewal questions or comments, please email: