Other - Hospital Satellite

A hospital pharmacy satellite is a physically separate area on or outside the hospital premises used for the provision of pharmacy services which is dependent upon support and administrative services from the hospital pharmacy.

Application Process
  1. Apply for a New Hospital Satellite

    Submit the following documents to the College and allow 10 business days for processing:

    1. Application for New Hospital Satellite;
    2. Pharmacy diagram;
    3. Policy and Procedure Manual outlining specific hospital satellite operations;
    4. Acknowledgement of Completion of Confidentiality Procedures (if PharmaNet connection is required);
    5. Hospital satellite's valid business licence issued by the municipality (if applicable).


    Note:In order to avoid delays in processing your pre-opening documents, refer to the resource guides below before you start.



    Upon approval of the new hospital satellite application by the College, an email notification will be sent to the pharmacy manager for scheduling an on-site hospital pharmacy pre-opening insepction within 20 business days prior to the opening date.

    The College will also notify Health Insurance BC (HIBC) of the Ministry of Health who will then initiate their processes for PharmaNet installation and PharmaCare provider enrollment (if required).

    Note: It may take up to 50 business days for PharmaNet installation. The College does not have control over their timelines. Direct any questions regarding PharmaNet installation and PharmaCare provider enrollment to HIBC.

  2. Build the Hospital Satellite

    Build the new hospital satellite as drawn in the diagram approved by the College.

    Notify the College at licensure@bcpharmacists.org should there be a change in the original diagram submitted or the proposed opening date that was originally indicated the Application for New Hospital Satellite to avoid delays in the next phase of the process.

  3. Pre-Opening Inspection

    A College inspector will conduct a scheduled pre-opening review at the hospital satellite using the pre-opening inspection report for hospital pharmacy. Pharmacy managers are encouraged to use this form as a self-audit prior to the pre-opening inspection.

    Note: A subsequent visit will be required if requirements are not met, which may delay the opening of the new telepharmacy.

Once all the above documents are complete and all requirements are met, the pharmacy manager will be notified by email when the hospital satellite is authorized to open. A hospital satellite authorization will be issued and HIBC will also be notified.

A hospital satellite authorization is valid for 12 months and must be renewed through eServices annually before the expiry date. An email notification will be sent to the pharmacy manager approximately 6 weeks before the authorization expires. Ensure that your pharmacy manager’s email contact information on eServices is always up-to-date.