Pharmacy Technicians

Is the PEBC Pharmacy Technician Evaluating Exam mandatory?

Yes, the completion of the PEBC Pharmacy Technician Evaluating Exam is required by all current technicians seeking regulation. Those who hold certification from either PTCB-AB (up to 2008) or OCP (up to 2008), or have successfully completed an accredited pharmacist degree program in Canada or in the continental United States, or have successfully complete the PEBC Pharmacist Evaluating Exam are exempt from completing the PEBC Pharmacy Technician Evaluating Exam as per PEBC policy, but are still required to complete the Bridging Program. 

Why is the Professional Practice module in the Bridging Program mandatory and not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)?

As this is a new regulated profession and this course deals with the legal and ethical obligations of a regulated technician, technicians would have no prior experience or knowledge in this area, and therefore, it would not be possible to challenge it.

How do I know if I meet the minimum requirement of 2000 hours of ‘pharmacy practice’ in the past 3 years?

The PEBC website ( defines what are acceptable pharmacy practice activities. Prior to sitting the PEBC Evaluating Exam or enrolling in the Bridging Program, technicians must provide documentation from their supervisor verifying that they meet this minimum requirement.