Attestation can be completed using the electronic form on eServices or the paper version of PODSA Form 5: Manager/Direct Owner/Indirect Owner – Proof of Eligibility, depending on the type of pharmacy licence application.

For a change of indirect owner, change of manager, and pharmacy licence renewal, attestation is to be completed electronically on eServices.  If you are required to submit an attestation online, you will receive an email with instructions from the College notifying you that a change application or pharmacy licence renewal application has been processed, and that you may now start completing your Proof of Eligibility through your personal eServices account.  If you are not listed with the College, you will also receive a separate email with your login information.

For a change of direct owner or a new pharmacy licence application, attestation is to be completed on the paper form from all direct/indirect owners and submitted along with the change application or new pharmacy licence application.

If you are not able to attest to any of the above statements, you must also complete and submit PODSA Form 6: Manager/Direct Owner/Indirect Owner – Notice of Ineligibility,

Refer to the Pharmacy Licensure Guide for more information.