Renovation / relocation

In the event that a pharmacy must undergo a renovation or relocate, please follow the steps below:
  1. Apply for relocation or renovation

    Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.

    Submit all the required documentation to the College (i.e. application form and architecturally drawn diagram to scale).

    Application for Relocation/Renovation

    Note: Incomplete applications may cause delays and will not be processed until all documentation/requirements have been met.

  2. College Notification to Applicant and PharmaCare

    Upon approval of the renovation/relocation application by the College, an email notification will be sent to the pharmacy applicant/contact person.

    The College will notify PharmaCare and they will start process on their end, if applicable (i.e. coordinate installation of telecommunication lines, modem and router).

    Please direct any questions regarding specifications for the installation of the telecommunication lines, router and modem to PharmaCare Service Desk at 250.405.3787 or by email.  Information regarding pharmacy enrollment can be found on their website.

    Note: PharmaCare requires minimum 50 business days for processing.

  3. Pre-Opening Process

    Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.

    The pharmacy applicant must email the College Licensure Department to confirm the proposed opening date noted in the email notification in Step 2 and advise if there are any changes to the timeline.  Note: If pre-opening date changes, it will delay pre-opening approval process.

    The pharmacy manager must complete and submit the following documents to the College at least 20 business days prior to scheduled pharmacy opening for review and approval:

    1. Pharmacy Pre-Opening Form (for Community Pharmacy) with supporting digital evidence
      Note: Read the resource guide below before you start
    2. Acknowledgement of Completion of Confidentiality Procedures
    3. Pharmacy's valid business licence issued by the municipality (if relocation)



  4. Pre-Opening Review

    The College will contact the pharmacy manager to schedule a pre-opening pharmacy review if all documentation (Step 4) has been approved.

    The pre-opening pharmacy review will be conducted between 2 to 12 business days prior to scheduled opening date.

    Upon approval, College notifies by email to PharmaCare that pharmacy is authorized to open. A copy of the pharmacy licence will be forwarded to PharmaCare.

    Note: If pre-opening pharmacy review is not approved, a subsequent visit will be required and will delay the opening of pharmacy (if relocation or renovation to dispensary and/or pharmacy area).

The pharmacy relocation or renovation is now approved.  The College will email you a confirmation notice.  You may access the pharmacy licence (for relocation only) and receipt through eServices.  Licensure must be renewed annually.  You will receive an email reminder six weeks before the licensure deadline.