June 23, 2017 Board Meeting

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Join us for the College of Pharmacists of BC June Board Meeting

June 23, 2017
10:00 am - 2:25 pm

Topics include updates from the Practice Review Program, new pharmacy ownership requirements, Certified Pharmacist Prescriber Draft Framework, cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes, and more. 

Review the Draft Agenda.


Registrants and the public are welcome to attend the Board meeting in person (200-1765 West 8th Avenue Vancouver BC V6J 5C6). Limited seating is available.


We will be broadcasting the Board meeting through Periscope and providing live updates using #CPBCBoard.

You can watch the live broadcast on Periscope with @BCPharmacists (starting at 10:00 am) or follow our updates on Twitter, InstagramFacebook, and Snapchat.


Can't make it?

Watch the Periscope replay and review the highlights and #CPBCBoard updates following the Board Meeting.

Difficulties in listening to the Broadcast?

If you are having issues connecting or listening into to the live stream, here are some tips:

  • make sure you have a strong wifi or celular connection
  • try using headphones to hear the audio more clearly
  • disconnect and re-connect to the broadcast
  • wait and watch the replay instead if you are having difficulty with the live stream (usually available 30 mins - 1 hr later) 

Comment Moderation

Help us moderate comments on the live periscope feed.

Periscope conducts comment moderation through a feature that empowers the community to report and vote on comments that they consider to be spam or abuse.

If you see a comment you think should be moderated, report it through the Periscope app - learn how.