Change of Ownership

change of ownership

In the event that the ownership of a pharmacy should change, please follow the steps below:
  1. Apply for Change of Ownership

    Submit all the required documentation to the College (i.e. application form, payment, incorporation documents, and architecturally drawn diagram to scale).

    Application for Change of Ownership

    Note: The College requires notification of a minimum of 45 business days prior to the requested change.

  2. College Notification to Applicant and PharmaCare

    Upon approval of the application by the College, an email notification will be sent to the new pharmacy applicant/contact person.

    The College will notify PharmaCare and they will start process on their end (i.e. paperwork and bank account update).

    Please direct any questions regarding paperwork and bank account updates to PharmaCare Service Desk at 250.405.3787 or by email. Information regarding pharmacy enrollment can be found on their website.

  3. Pre-Opening Process

    Please allow up to 5 business days for review and approval upon receipt of all documentation.

    The pharmacy manager must complete and submit the following document to the College at least 20 business days prior to scheduled pharmacy change of ownership for review and approval:

    Business Licence Requirements for Pharmacy Licence

  4. Pharmacy Licence 
    Upon approval of the business licence, the new pharmacy licence will be forwarded to PharmaCare.

The pharmacy is now licensed.  The College will email you a confirmation notice.  You may access the pharmacy licence and receipt through eServices.  Licensure must be renewed annually.  You will receive an email reminder six weeks before the licensure deadline.